'Halo Infinite': Open World, No Matter the Cost

While in pursuit of their open-world vision for Halo Infinite, 343 industries seem to have lost sight of what makes up the essence of Halo and in that pursuit, the developers appear to have been willing to sacrifice anything and everything in service to the open world.

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MadLad475d ago

I liked the open world. I legitimately enjoyed taking over enemy strongholds and shouting out elite enemies/weapons.

Atticus_finch475d ago

We know teddy you also like crossfirex and crackdown 3.

MadLad475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

I actually said CrossFire has multiple issues, but I still find some fun had with it. As for Crackdown, I would love to see a single post where I said anything positive about crackdown 3.

Really though, people like you need to take a break from the internet and relax. You feel the need to instigate even when I'm not saying a damn thing, and it's pretty childish. Nobody should be this wound up over something as insignificant as videogames, yet here you are. Rent free in your head, and all that nonsense.

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Atticus_finch475d ago

I don't care enough to look through your comment history.
I'm not the one that sounds wound up Teddy. Maybe take a break from the internet.
You don't make sense, em I also living rent free on your head since you replied to me.

Right poor Xbox always the victim. Maybe it's the comments they make and actions they take.

MadLad475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

I'll say the same thing I always do; I've likely put more money and more time into Playstation products than the majority on here who attempt to pigeonhole me as a Sony hater.
The same people who didn't make a peep when I hounded on the Xbox One almost all last generation. Wonder what the difference is?

I like Gamepass. Deal with it.


You realize all I did was respond to a baseless claim that you made, which also had literally nothing to do with my original comment. That's what I mean by the immaturity. You're constantly looking for attention and validation. You apparently keep track of everything I say, or supposedly say, while I forget you even exist on this site until I'm seeing another notification from you that always just ends up being some smarmy little attack.

They don't bother me, dude. I don't come to this site annoyed. I don't leave annoyed. I'm not here to appease the fanboys.
I come for articles and the dumb banter found in almost every article.
This is one of the last places I come to expecting respectful, level headed conversations on games.

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z2g475d ago

Completely disagree and so do most of the reviews.

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475d ago Replies(2)
ghostliving475d ago

Infinite's Open World was really really bad it was all the same thing, capture FOB's, capture Strongholds do the Mission. And the interior level desings was so bad not suit for HALO game. All the interior levels were same walls, same grounds and so dull. Nothing interest. The next HALO game must be lineer or should have really good open world design including missions, levels, side missions etc...

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Viljong475d ago

Its a perfect mix of tunnel and open world i enjoy halo infinite more than any other halo.

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