How far Zelda: Breath of the Wild's influence goes

Nintendo Everything pinpoints the new things that Zelda: Breath of the Wild brought to the table and how it inspired other developers.

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H9594d ago

N4G will be mad at this, how dare you praise Breath of the wild

stupidusername594d ago

To all future comments:
No one is saying Zelda invented anything. BoTW used existing ideas and took inspiration from a lot of games and streamlined it. The game sold 25 million copies, received massive praise and many game developers follow suit. Just like how Apple didn’t invent smartphones, but still made the phone that other companies were inspired by later on.

GhostofHorizon594d ago

I can only speak for myself but I have nothing against the game, it's the same article being written every 3 months that's getting a bit old. There are pleanty of other great games out there that have inspired genres that get barely any recognition.

I think the game did a good job about streamlining some aspects but if it didn't have Zelda in it's name some of the weaker parts of the game would not have been forgiven as easily.

H9594d ago

This, you know it feels like if people don't say that the game invested everything then they are not praising it enough, the best praise that can be given to it is that it did open world right, that's it, it doesn't have to be the first to be the best!

Vanfernal593d ago

It's also about to turn 5 years old... We get it... Botw is great. How about more articles saying RE4 revolutionized 3rd person shooters with the over the shoulder cam. Or how Mario 64 redifined 3D platforming... Or how Street Fighter 2 pushed fighting games into the mainstream... At this point these articles are just redundant.

LordoftheCritics593d ago

BOTW became a copyable form. Thats what makes it special.

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ZeekQuattro594d ago

If BOTW is public enemy number one on here Game Pass is a close second. That service is hated with a passion on here. Don't dare praise it either. Only Sony branded content deserve such praise.

H9594d ago

I haven't owned anything Xbox related since 360 because I just don't like their direction anymore yet I can't but be jealous about game pass it's a brilliant offer

MadLad593d ago (Edited 593d ago )

This place is a giant bubble.
I can have a level headed, reasonable discussion on almost any reasonable YouTube video. Even with people of differing opinions.

Here? It's almost always vitriol and dog piling if you're not siding with the majority.

MadLad593d ago

Yeah. It feels like one of the most needlessly hated games here on N4G, honestly.

CS7593d ago

It is such a strange phenomenon? What caused it?

BOTW is known as a masterpiece every where else. But on N4G it is a “Ubisoft game with a Zelda Skin”.

H9593d ago

Yes and yet Ghost of Tsushima, the game that they call Samurai Creed is not a Ubisoft copy

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DarkZane594d ago

I love Breath of the Wild, but stop saying it invented the wheel. Open world games existed before that so I am pretty sure none of those game were influenced by it. Hell Pokemon Legends Arceus is technically more similar to Monster Hunter than an open world game.

Shuckylad594d ago

Let’s be honest for a wii u game botw is great. If inspiration is taken from it then great.

AuraAbjure593d ago

It's why I bought a Wii U. There were no other games worth playing cuz I also had an Xbone.

Terry_B594d ago

Hey..another opinion piece from a website with the word Nintendo in its name about how Zelda Botw influenced other games ..lel.

Flawlessmic593d ago (Edited 593d ago )

Look i love breath of the wild as much as the next guy but honestly ur acting like it changed the game or something.

It didnt it was an amazingly crafted open world game, that its.

Tgat fact tgatva few games steal certain things from it doesnt make it more special. Devs steal things from other games literally the time.

So are we gonna have posts about how a crummy game with nice feature influenced all gamers after it just vecause a few things were taken from it by another dev.

Its weird to say this about such an amazing game but its literally overrated at this point.

Something like gta deserves these articles gta and red dead are exemplary examples on how to do open world and the added bonus of them basically starting the trend and perfecting it

Concertoine593d ago (Edited 593d ago )

There were also articles discussing the influence of GTA 3 and Shenmue when they came out 20 years ago.

CS7593d ago

GTA’s open world is flawed in that the missions can be carried out only a specific and precise way.

BOTW actually fixes that and allows you to do the missions in whatever way you figure out.

GTA is amazing and way more revolutionary but BOTW does push the needle forward.

Flawlessmic593d ago


Thats because the game barely has a story so it can do that, it gave u 4 major objectives which were all effectively the same. It was the envirments tgat made it different and that i could do it any order but thats all because the minimalist story allowed it.

How would a game with a full on story like gta, red dead, horizon work if it was just done in any order?

Zelda did push the need cause it was an brillant game but people overrate it for 2 simple things, not having a map full of icons and the fact u can complete those same 4 objectives in any order.

CBaoth593d ago

So then it copied the gameplay mechanic from Crackdown? That's all you reference. Did you NOT know BOTW copied it from another game? That's pushing the envelope?

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That’s actually good for Nintendo brand games. I got them at full price when they came out.

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thanks for sharin, I got me 2 games that I've underlooked.