Need For Speed Lives?

An anonymous EA official clears up some details as to what is really happening with EA and the Need For Speed series.

*note - I couldn't submit the Joystiq URL since someone already did a long time ago.

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prunchess4299d ago

Put this Dog (Need for Speed) out of its misery. This game franchise stinks!

joydestroy4299d ago

if Criterion develops the next one i will be buying it, no doubt. Burnout Paradise is killer.

Danja4298d ago

I would love if they could make a NFS:HP3..that would be dope

intense cop chases , with choppers on ur tail , speeding around a corner only to get ur tires shredded , Busted..!!

It would be great if Criterion made a NFS game.

bomboclaat_gamer4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

need for speed LIVED........ a long long time ago, then it went underground twice and became the most wanted, then it died while going pro on the street, now it is resting in peace under the covers of dirt

Sitdown4298d ago

for being creative with your response.

Arsenal4Ever4299d ago

He also mentioned that the next NFS title will be developed by EA’s Criterion Games studio.

THIS IS GOOD!!!!!! seriously it is.

ZombieNinjaPanda4298d ago

He seriously said that?

(No I didn't read the article, sometimes I just don't bother)

If this is true, we may have the ultimate arcade racer on our hands (:

Speed-Racer4299d ago

Criterion = Burnout = Heaven
Criterion on NFS = Possibly A Good Racing Title Again

Nitrowolf24299d ago

That good if they give this series to them. I will give it a chance if its true. Criteria has my respect with there amazing burnout support.
Mybe they can make the seies better. If they cant then i dont think anyone can

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The story is too old to be commented.