The tentacle-themed VR action/adventure "Tentacular" is coming to PC this Spring (2022)

"The US-based indie games publisher Devolver Digital and the Germany-based indie games developer Firepunchd Games UG, today announced with great delight and excitement that their tentacle-themed VR action/adventure "Tentacular" is coming to PC (Quest & Steam VR) this Spring (2022)." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


Tentacular Review | The PlayStation Brahs

The PlayStation Brahs:

"Publisher Devlover Digital and Developer Firepunchd Games bring ridiculous fun with the physicality! Let’s find out how with Tentacular for PlayStation VR2."

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Tentacular (PSVR2) review – Slippery little sucker | GamesHub

Tentacular does a brilliant job of encouraging punishment-free experimentation.

Whether it’s using a power pole as a slingshot, launching unwilling citizens into space, or just messing around with rocket physics, Tentacular stretches your mind as much as it stretches the capabilities of VR.

It is not necessarily the most novel experience in the now-mature genre of VR games, but it does an effective job of weaving together a cohesive, coherent, and transformative experience for players, pairing a solid yet minimalist narrative together with satisfying and balanced logic puzzles.

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z2g162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

def a system seller..... sigh. i have regrets now that the rush of getting new gear has worn off. .


'Tentacular' Review | Goomba Stomp | Physics-Based VR Fun

Tentacular takes full advantage of PSVR2 tech. This game puts players in control of a massive monster for a fun, funny, physics-based puzzler.

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