Mac Pokes Fun At Vista

Windows Vista has already been out for a few days now and Apple is ready to go to battle. With the launch of Vista, Apple has been poking fun at their rival's security and upgrade process through its TV ads and on its website. Now, they are arming their chain of retail stores for battle.

According to Think Secret, the company has allegedly distributed a six-page document to its sales reps suggesting ways for them to taunt the abilities of Vista and to present the advantages of owning a Mac. Apparently, the document's key messages centers around the Vista's upgrade hassles, the Mac's ability to run Windows, the need to choose from a handful of versions of Vista, and the price of Vista compared to Mac OS X.

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calderra5710d ago

Upgrading a PC:
Install whatever device you feel like and enjoy, barring compatibility hassles here and there.

Upgrading a Mac:
Grab it by the handle and throw it out the window, because it's not like you can upgrade **** on most of these things.

Small difference, yes.

Torch5709d ago

It just absolutely boggles my mind, as to the raving mass popularity of Apple and it's products.

I adore the idea of being able to customize, upgrade, change, modify, replace my PC parts at will...and at a much cheaper cost.

Most people talk about compatibility issues with the PC, but in my opinion, it's such a moot arguement considering the incredibly huge support that's only a search engine away. Besides, I have a hard time understanding what these compatibility issues are...I've been a hardcore PC user for years upon years now, and (especially these days) I've experienced relatively few hardware/software-related issues.

For the average computer user who want out-of-the-box (albeit relatively-limited) usage, then I can see the appeal of an iMac. But there's no way anyone can convince me that anything beats the versatility, cost-effectiveness, support, and long-term value of a PC.

The same goes for the iPods...I just don't get it! Especially considering that there's sooooooo much more, and sooooo much better out there, for sooooo much cheaper.

Nonetheless, I can only give hats off to Apple and Mr. Jobs, for creating such an incredibly effective marketing machine, which has produced such an unimaginable overrated hype among the masses.

Meanwhile, I'll stick to my MS/Linix configuration for years to come.

PS: For the record, I can account first-hand that Apple systems DO indeed crash as often as Windows-based systems, contrary to popular belief, as a decent portion of my multimedia-based training was carried out on the machines.

kevkev35709d ago

Well said guys, well said!

kewlkat0075710d ago

While I dislike MS for alot of things, I think MACS look cool but cost way too much for something you can't even upgrade or really learn to tinker with.

read this Article, it's actually kind of funny.

Ravenator5295710d ago

It's not going to make a difference anyway. Apple just needs to stay focused on the Ipod.

PC's destroy Mac's in sales numbers. No one is going to buy a Mac because they make fun of Vista.

Captain Tuttle5709d ago

Apple has been pretty darn smug lately. It's getting annoying.

Marriot VP5709d ago

their commercials only cator to people who already have a Mac, so their commericials are to only make them feel better about themself.

Also I don't like macs because their A LOT more expensive and are sluggish. I have a lot of other reasons but I'm not that dedicated to right them out.

GaMr-5709d ago

Yea... I use a PC in the office but I have a Mac at home in my Rec room. G5 baby. and My fiance has a G4 Macbook. They arent that bad pending on the usage.

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The story is too old to be commented.