Spider-Man Miles Morales Becomes Sony's 3rd Biggest Title After God of War

Spider-Man still remains on first followed by God of War.

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GhostofHorizon476d ago

That's insane, Spider-Man IP has been delivering on all fronts lately.

neutralgamer1992476d ago

People don't realize how strong Spiderman IP is and since Sony owns the movie rights they most likely worked out a deal with Disney

Disney gets to use Spiderman in their Marvel universe while Sony gets Spiderman exclusively. And when Disney saw the quality and sales figure I think they would be more than happy to sign deal for wolverine. A while back there was a rumor Sony and Disney could merge and playstation would have all access to their IP's for gaming

Knightofelemia476d ago

Disney would have to work out a deal with Sony to include Spiderman in the MCU and have that continuity with the movies. Pretty sure the game rights would also be tossed into the mix as well hence why a Sony studio Insomniac are building and have built the game. And why Spiderman was a PS4 exclusive in the Avengers game and why he did not appear on the Xbox port. Sony can say yes Square you can include Spiderman in the Avengers game but there is a string attached only on the PS4 port of the game. And to be honest after the way they build Spiderman it lacks that Insomniac quality to him.

Sitdown476d ago

Guess you missed the part where Sony made Spiderman movies sucked in comparison to those part of the Marvel Universe. The agreement was around who would cover production cost, box office money, and then merchandising. Marvel is in the driver seat concerning Spiderman, and would have no need to make similar arrangements.

Eonjay475d ago

Interesting fact:. Horizon Zero Dawn has passed 20 million copies. This means that Spiderman and MM has sold at least 40 million combined. This also means that MM has passed 20 million on its own. So yes the Insomniac purchase is the best deal in the history of acquisitions. Sony has already recovered the cost like 10 or 20 times over. This doesn't even account for Rachet and Clank.

MisterZay0000475d ago

I don't know why people think the game and movie departments are the same. They already told us a few years back Marvel Games went to Sony PlayStation to make a game. Sony went to Insomniac. It just so happened Insomniac chose to make a Spider-Man game. Insomniac could've turned around and chose Wolverine first for all we know.

neutralgamer1992475d ago


Guess you missed the part where Sony owned the rights to Spiderman movie and Disney couldn't do nothing about it. In business most deals have give and take

Disney cares more about movies
Sony wants games so it's a win win

I am sure there are other agreements in place like production costs etc

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just_looken476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

Am i the only one that found miles morals to be overrated?

his abilities especially the camo can break the ai
The combat was clunky were you had to chase then down at times and the stealth challenges were frustrating.
Then you got the enemies/plot i thought of them as poor man avengers.

Not to mention miles kills so many people but has 0 regrets i mean a girl he knew and hanged out for years saves him at the end straight up sacrifice i did the full treasure collecting for a huh on top of the church o remorse or a simple hey thanks for saving my ass.

For me this game is a solid 6 and spiderman ps4 a 7 maybe 8.

The police/civilian ai even criminal ai is also a joke

My vids police ai:

time/stealth mission

CantThinkOfAUsername476d ago

Is this on easy/normal? That aiming is hilariously bad.

just_looken474d ago


Hard difficulty try it out.

frostypants476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

IP + virtually flawless gameplay design on this case. Insomniac deserves a crazy amount of credit.

Tacoboto476d ago

Have they released hard numbers on their mega-hits outside of just a couple?

I remember Uncharted 4 being around 20m a couple years back, Horizon is confirmed as 20m PS+PC combined, GoT at 8m

VersusDMC476d ago

Seems like 20 mil is the only sales milestone they like to celebrate.

RpgSama476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

At least they celebrate SALES milestones.

Mr Pumblechook476d ago

“Thirty MILLION miles sailed!”

MajorLazer476d ago

You must prefer miles driven or bullets used :)

neutralgamer1992476d ago

What's amazing is the fact God of war use to sell 5+ million and it's reboot sold 4 times as much

Elda476d ago

Not surprising. It's Sony's fab first-party titles.

VersusDMC476d ago

Also according to NPD spider man PS4 is the best selling super hero game of all time. Arkham city is 2nd at 13 mil(2020 numbers).

Actually miles might be second now or at least top5.

ABizzel1476d ago

That's huge, and good fo Sony and Insomniac. Looking forward to Wolverine, and hopefully more (Black Panther would be a huge one as well).

FlavorLav01390d ago

I keep thinking quality Daredevil, Punisher, and Ghost Rider games are way overdue at this point as well.

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