The Best 15 Underrated Sega Genesis Games

The SNES’s success in the console war (it sold like 20 million more systems, that’s a win) meant that many games on the Sega Genesis never got as much positive attention as they should have. Whether they were not well-known or received a poor rating in light of the existence of competing SNES games at the time, some really good games slipped through the cracks.

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Jiub407d ago

Aerobiz was definitely my favorite sim game in that generation

Longie_long407d ago

Yessss! Aerobiz is a ton of fun.

ZeekQuattro407d ago

Comix Zone is criminally underrated. It's definitely on my top 10 list of Genesis games. Landstalker was pretty cool as well along with Beyond Oasis. It felt like Sega's take on LOZ. Made me enjoy the game even more. That and the art style.

Longie_long407d ago

I love Comix Zone but I'm terrible at it. It's so hard!

ZeekQuattro407d ago

So many games were hard back then. I beat it once or twice.