Ex-Battlefield Devs Comment on Battlefield 2042 Missteps; Asks If Quality Control Was Non-Existent

Former Battlefield developers comment on Battlefield 2042's issues, with the former Lead Designer of BF3 & BC2 asking if anyone handled quality control.

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LordoftheCritics410d ago

I feel it.

It would suck so much to be an ex dev of the BF series. Battlefield series are nothing short of legendary in gaming history.

gamesftw250409d ago

Yep but EA just being EA sadly...

MadLad409d ago

I don't even blame EA anymore. Sure, they're the ones publishing it, but these guys are the ones developing it.
They basically threw away 5 to give more development time on this, and it's the worst yet.

The truth is this isn't the team that brought us Bad Company and BF3.

Sciurus_vulgaris410d ago

I have seen rumours which indicate that Battlefield 2042 was originally a Battle Royale title. 2042’s controversial specialists may have originally been heroes designed for an Apex Legend-like hero BR. Apparently, Battlefield 2042 was also only developed in 18 months.

annoyedgamer409d ago

Once I saw the games layout I knew it was going for the F2P looter shooter style.

pr33k33409d ago

quality control wasn't the only thing that was non-existent tbh.

Muigi409d ago

They probably wouldn’t have listened to the QA team anyway.

plmkoh409d ago

Why is it so hard to just make BC3? You literally carbon copy BC2 and throw in a generic campaign about Russia invading the US and done.

Instead you get all these bull crap waste of time and resources stuff that ends up being poop. Goes to show how much of a hack DICE are.

AuraAbjure408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

^👆 This

Or 2143. I loved 2142!

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