Exclusive: Uncharted director says his Jak and Daxter movie could star Tom Holland

"There's the possibility that we could partner again on that one."

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-Foxtrot402d ago

Oh God please, keep both of them as far away from Jak and Daxter as possible

The new Uncharted film looks terrible

where-eagles-dare402d ago

I have had the misfortune of seeing the film and you're right, it's terrible. In the words of Drake himself - 'crap!'

I have to be very careful, so as not to spoil it for others, but the action sequences are absolutely lousy and very wishy washy. I am a huge fan of the games and I absolutely hated the film with a passion. The whole production is extremely mediocre with an over reliance on CGI effects.

Fans looking for a two fisted Indiana Jones experience will be extremely disappointed as Tom Holland is woefully miscast and looks as though he couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag. Others just looking for 'National Treasure' light, might find some enjoyment, if they are not acquainted with the games franchise.

I am being overly generous when I score it two 'crap' stars out of five.

0hMyGandhi401d ago

That's too bad. It has a 47 on Rotten Tomatoes, and I imagine it only going down from there. I get why other video-game movies may falter in the translation to film, but Uncharted? This is a game that wears its many influences on its sleeve and is already "cinematic" on its own. Screwing up an Uncharted movie seems like it would be actually hard to do, but they did it.

Sitdown401d ago

And how bad is Sully? Can't believe they fumbled the casting so badly. I'm still going to watch it though.

Noskypeno401d ago

It really should have been a TV show. A 2 hr movie based on a game that is 12 hrs long would never feel right even tho the movie is about as non canonical as the Halo tv show, at least 343 is honest with the fact that the show is in its own universe. But how hard would it have been to get Nathan Fillion as Drake and Bryan Cranston as Sully for a tv show.

Inverno400d ago

SONY has been on a roll with horrible game movies. Tomb Raider, RE, Monster Hunter and now this. Technically the SotC movie is still being worked and as well as GOW despite years of silence. I fear the worse for those movies with the attitude they've suddenly taken for these movie adaptations.

fan_of_gaming400d ago

Sony didn't make the Tomb Raider movie, Warner Bros did.

darksky400d ago

It's sad that none of the game to movie translations are faithful to the originals and not worth watching. Sony should have at least tried with Uncharted but absolutely chose the worst guys for the lead roles. They look nothing like the Uncharted game characters.

Knightofelemia400d ago

Welcome to Raccoon City looks low budget and cheesey and some characters like Leon and Jill did not look the part. But the key is it stuck as close as it could to the games. Unlike the shitty RE movies Milla Jovovich made which went off the tracks. I chuckled at the joke made about Leon and his partner in training. I enjoyed it I just ordered it on blu ray.

BlackIceJoe402d ago

Can we get a new Jak and Daxter game instead?

0hMyGandhi401d ago

Since The Last of Us actually started as a Jak and Daxter game, I honestly don't see them returning to anything resembling a colorful 3d platformer. And that sucks.

Flawlessmic401d ago

Yeppp please give us another game or hand it to a different studio to handle!!

If im being honest id love to R&C take a seat for a while and insomniac work on a new jak and daxter as i know they would pull it off in every regard.

porkChop401d ago

Insomniac could easily pull off a Jak game. Naughty Dog, idk. ND has completely changed since Jak, and they don't even want to make Jak games anymore.

LucasRuinedChildhood400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

Tbh, it would probably feel a bit weird if they didn't get the original writer for the games. I just checked and his name is Daniel Arey. He works at Google now:

Insomniac also toned down the R&C games a lot over time as they got away from the edgy (for a kids franchise) 90s/early-mid 2000s style ... and that's pretty much Jak 2 and 3. lol. I wouldn't want them to tone it down to be more family friendly. It wouldn't be Jak & Daxter anymore.

Flawlessmic400d ago


All 3 jak games were awesome but i would have absolutely zero problems with insomniac taking jak back to it original form in part 1 that was just as good as 2 and 3.

I mean jak 2 and 3 werent that edgy lol ur making it sound like the last of us or something.

Insomniac could definitely pull it off, sotry wise, gameplay, graphics u name.

They would certainly be the best suited devs to bring jak back seeing as naughty dog has no interest in it.

EmperorDalek401d ago

He's even less suited to Jak than he is for Drake. I really don't understand the obsession with Tom Holland. And if we're going to get more Jak, surely we get another game instead... This feels like a slap in the face.

Gardenia401d ago

I always thought Tom Holland was a miscast for Spider-Man as well.

darksky400d ago

He really is one of the worst versions of Spiderman but has been carried by the franchise and Marvel.

Double_O_Revan400d ago

It's like he signed his life over to Sony. I don't understand it.

porkChop401d ago

Why? The last thing you want is the same actors playing every role in every video game movie. And from what I've heard, the Uncharted movie is dog shit anyway. These guys probably shouldn't be working on Jak or any other PlayStation franchises. A year ago Holland himself said that his approach to how he played Drake was a mistake. That's not a good sign.

Sonyslave3401d ago

This movie going to flop hard in the box office & reviews. Sony need to understand Tom Holland is not a house hold name, people only care about Spiderman and the only reason why his spiderman doing $$$$ is because of the MCU connection.

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