7 New PlayStation Indie Updates & Announcements Revealed

PlayStation just updated and announced a bunch of information on indie games coming to the platform. Find out more about them inside.

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deleted882d ago

Was hoping for a Moss Book 2 firm release date.. hope it sticks to the Spring 2022 window. Moss was such an amazing game!

GhostofHorizon882d ago

TMNT still looks like a ton of fun. Moss is the other game from this bunch that I'm interested in, rest are most likely a pass for me.

LucasRuinedChildhood882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

Post Void and Salt And Sacrifice look pretty good.

I'd really appreciate ports of Katana Zero, Ape Out and Baba Is You though.

Not sure why the Katana Zero port never released because it was even rated. https://www.gematsu.com/202...

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GamingSinceForever882d ago

You'd think they would delay Moss Book II and make it a PSVR2 launch title. By not doing that tells me that we will not be getting PSVR2 in 2022.

IanTH882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

Considering the vast majority of VR users on PlayStation would be PSVR1 owners, even if PSVR2 launched, I simply think they aren't going to let when PSVR2 launches dictate when they'd release the game. I wouldn't use that as the barometer for whether PSVR2 is coming out this year.

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ebotj49d ago

I'm Loving it! The physical edition goes on sale tomorrow from LRG. I know a lot of people dislike them, but I want a physical copy of this game so I'm gonna double dip and buy it again!

Friendlygamer49d ago

The dunkey fans spamming his memes made me deeply resent this game


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