Nintendo Really Wants Me to Buy a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Subscription

Adding increasing value propositions, Nintendo's target audience for the Nintendo Switch Online subscription is not what you think it is.

Neonridr839d ago

the biggest question about including these things with your subscription is do you still get access to it should you not continue to subscribe.

kevco33839d ago

My understanding is that if your subscription expires, so too does your DLC access.

Neonridr838d ago

would be strange for Nintendo to revoke access to DLC once it's all been released.

ZeekQuattro839d ago

I imagine it's like all the other paid services. Once that sub is up you lose access. I'd rather just use gold points and buy the pass outright.

Shadowsteal839d ago

Obviously not lol. Then people could subscribe for a month and cancel and keep all the dlc.

Cuzizkool839d ago

I think the expansion pack is a year long sub.

Neonridr838d ago

I'm talking about after the 2 years, if you cancelled. Nintendo would remove the DLC that you downloaded for something? Seems kind of odd no?

--Onilink--839d ago

It does, though thats to be expected, the question for me is if they will retire some expansions in the future to make room for new ones

Nintentional838d ago

If you cancel your Netflix subscription, do you still get access to watch their movies and shows?

Neonridr838d ago

this is DLC that you can just buy. The only difference is they are including it with your paid subscription to the Expansion Pak. The DLC should still work exactly the same as if you bought it separately.

Your comparison is not the same at all.

Shadowsteal837d ago

You're making this way more complicated than it needs to be. If you are subscribed then you get access to the DLC if you are not you don't. Simple.

Neonridr835d ago

yeah, my question was more, what happens after all the DLC has been released. It's DLC, not a free game. We haven't really seen this practice before with something like PS+, hence my curiosity.

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galgor839d ago

Thanks but no thanks Nintendo. Keep your shitty deal.

MetroidFREAK21839d ago

Nah... its not worth it... I'm just buying the MK8 DLC upfront

Cuzizkool839d ago

If they keep this up, adding more “free” DLC behind the expansion pass like with Animal Crossing and MK8D, then the value will be worth it after a few more games. But we’re not there yet.

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Famitsu: Stellar Blade Debuts #1, Switch Sells Over 100k Units

It's a 2-for-1 on this week's chart, as the Golden Week holiday period takes Stellar Blade to the top spot, as well as some impressive Switch sales figures

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ZeekQuattro20d ago

Hardware Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

Switch OLED Model – 72,592 (7,195,696)
PlayStation 5 – 43,033 (4,808,908)
Switch Lite – 16,247 (5,833,845)
Switch – 11,199 (19,786,390)
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – 6,501 (767,403)
Xbox Series X – 2,982 (271,121)
Xbox Series S – 2,353 (310,852)
PlayStation 4 – 202 (7,925,781)

Hugodastrevas19d ago

Stellar Blade selling well it's great, hopefully we get a sequel or s franchise out of it!

ravens5219d ago

Just ordered my copy yesterday, gets here today. I still haven't beat FF7 Rebirth, but I want to play Stellar Blade lol. So I'll just play both 🤷🏽 and Helldivers 2 🇺🇸

Hugodastrevas19d ago

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Just finished fishing all the fish in the game to unlock an outfit lol.