(OXCGN) Bethesda Vs. Black Isle Sex, Brats, And Addiction

Fallout 3 has come and gone, OXCGN writer looks at the Fallout history and provides some thoughts on what has changed and what is the same with Bethesda and Black Isle's rendition of the series.

"Black Isle's Fallout games were extremely unique and unlike anything the gaming world had ever seen. Only bankruptcy stopped Black Isle from creating more Fallout games, but luckily Bethesda stepped in and purchased the intellectual property (IP) to save the Fallout series.

So now that Fallout 3 has been released, how has it fared in keeping to the canon of the Fallout series that was so brilliantly implemented by Black Isle? "

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XboxOZ3605157d ago

This is ONE game I've wanted from the get-go, and it looks like I won't be losing out when I do manage to grab it. Looks and sounds fantastic, and from all reports from those who are spending time on it, unlike those that tried to rush through it, it's giving them an experience they haven't had in a LONG long time.

Now that is what I like to hear.

BUt it's also interesting to note (see) that the game definitely has an older demographic, with many younger gamers ditching it in no time, while older ones are prepared to devote the time required . .Yes, you DO have to walk, and it DOES take time. This is a game that doesn't have magic and portals to move you across space and time . . It's a "real game"

darkmurder5157d ago

Much like Oblivion, this game takes a lot of work to get into it. I was cautious about how Bethesda would perform, however it seems like they've hit the gold in terms of recreating the Fallout feel.

MK_Red5157d ago

Black Isle wins, end of discussion. Seriously, Bethesda's Fallout is a good game but it can't hold a candle in face of the TRUE Fallout games made by Black Isle.

Immortal Kaim5157d ago

By the sounds of it, I really need to play Fallout 3. I wonder what other hardcore Fallout fans think of Bethesda's adaptation?

darkmurder5157d ago

It's a very darn good adaption, sure it misses some things but it still captures the atmospher of the sadistic wasteland that is Fallout.

gaminoz5157d ago

Well since I've never played the originals, and Oblivion was the first game to get me to play an RPG, I'm thinking this will be excellent when I get the chance to play!

Killing children? I think the author has been out shopping during the Christmas season hearing too many whiny kids! LOL

More sex...that would be a shocker for my wife or kids to walk in on. "Dad, what are you doing in that game?" " character is massaging that other girl character...she has sore shoulders..."

XboxOZ3605157d ago

heheh good one . . . I even found a mod for the PC game that allows - shhh - don't tell anyone - full nudity . . ohhh . .

leeeeed5157d ago

I really should play this game. :(

From what I hear, this is going to blitz any "RPG of 2008" categories, in fact, I feel sorry for games like Fable II...

XboxOZ3605157d ago

In my opinion, it's way better than Fable, that's for sure. The only problem is, I'll have to juggle Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 between each other. or, be a litle self indulgent, and have one in one 360, the other in the second 360, and siply switch between the two for a break .. .

darkmurder5157d ago

Definitely, this is a far more complex RPG than Fable and whilst Fable was great in its own right, Fallout 3 just seems to have the more advanced gameplay.

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