Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp – Nintendo Direct 2.9.2022 – Nintendo Switch

"New intel arrives on Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp! Learn more about additions to the two full campaigns including voiced Commanding Officers, additional modes, & more!"

IanTH883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

I was really interested in this, but $60 seems way too steep. This feels like it would be $30-40 on any other platform.

Am I just out of line here? I just don't feel like a game like this has the kind of development budget behind it to justify that kind of price tag.

MadLad883d ago

I absolutely love the series. Been playing it since the original when I was just a kid.
Nintendo are ridiculous though when it comes to pricing. These are extremely old games. U don't care if you cleaned them up, there is no reason to be charging the price of a new release. This should be $20-30.

pietro1212882d ago

$20 dollars for two rebuilt from the ground up with QoL, new single and multiplayer options features? Not even the Crash and Spyro remakes were that cheap and their lesser gamers than Advance Wars

MadLad882d ago


Lesser? Those were full blown 3D remakes of past series.
There was a lot more effort put in to bring those to market than this, and at a cheaper price.

This is a glorified remaster of 2D titles, with some quality of life additions. It's just Nintendo, yet again, asking a lot for a moderate amount of effort.


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