GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition significantly exceeded expectations

Publisher Take-Two reveals GTA remaster sales well above internal expectations, closing in on 10 Million sold already.

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deleted411d ago

I expected it to be crap the first time they showed gameplay. They certainly exceeded that expectation, as it was an even bigger crap than I could have imagined!

LucasRuinedChildhood412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

The average Metacritic score for this is around 50, and the user score average is around 0.6 (no platform higher than 0.9).

Everyone who bought this in its current condition is the reason we get buggy, unfinished games. And it wasn't only casuals who bought it regardless of how poor of a product it was.

The haven't updated the game for over two months (patch 1.05) either. They're promising updates but they seem to be in no hurry to fix even minor bugs.

generic-user-name412d ago

"And it wasn't only casuals who bought it regardless of how poor of a product it was."

While I'm sure plenty of 'hardcore' gamers bought it too, the casuals vastly outnumber them so even if no core gamers bought it, it would still have sold millions and millions. Most people see a GTA on a shelf or on their digital store of choice and just buy. Don't blame the people who expected the product they bought to function as intended, blame the devs/publishers.

anast412d ago

People will eat their own young. It's normal.

brewin411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

We did because we expected them to honor the legacy of these games! I was going to buy day 1 but once I saw San Andreas was coming to Gamepass I decided to wait on a purchase. Now it's a pass, I'll wait for GTA 6 thanks.

roadkillers412d ago

I played it on Gamepass, what’s your opinion with me? I thought it was fun too *shrug*, I wouldn’t pay 60 dollars for the same exact game I bought 18 years ago tho.

Emme411d ago

Ha, let me guess, You are not a Nintendo gamer xD

Profchaos411d ago

Yeah I pre ordered it digitally and I believe a large number of other players would have also done so I don't think blaming people excited about a game prior to launch is the reason it launched in a buggy state I think it's greed and poor qa that did it

monkey602412d ago

And again the wrong behaviour gets rewarded

gammaray13412d ago

well it just goes to prove that people really are born without a brain

adaminoregon412d ago

People why? Its such an obvious cssh grab least amount of work shovel ware they could have ever made.

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The story is too old to be commented.