Take Two CEO Admits Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition Had Quality Issues

Strauss Zelnick admitted the game collection had quality issues and was disappointed with it initially.

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LucasRuinedChildhood352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

I appreciate that Strauss is deeply regretful.

He didn't knowingly rush it out the door just to have something to boost quarterly revenue while waiting for a new GTA5 port. It was all an accident and they genuinely didn't even know about the bugs, just like CD Projekt RED.

The mock reviews were all good and the game being a horrendous POS was a complete shock. Thanks for doing the tough thing and being honest, Strauss.

-Foxtrot352d ago

Right thing?

Do you not remember what he was first saying a month back?

Downplaying it completely

smashman98352d ago

He’s clearly being sarcastic

-Foxtrot352d ago

There's a symbol for that....


yuukiliu352d ago

your sarcasm meter is broken.

352d ago
MadLad352d ago

You really just need to learn to read sarcasm, dude.

That was so blatant.

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0hMyGandhi352d ago

I gave you an upvote just for not including the "/s" tag at the end. Thank you for believing in us to read "between the lines". :)

Seriously though, putting "/s" at the end of a sarcastic statement is the equivalent of Borat saying, "....NOT!" at the end of the joke. It destroys the impact.

Profchaos352d ago

He's not regretful he is backtracking his last statement slightly because he was abused so much by saying they were fixed that he quit Twitter.

His wordings indicate that there is very minor fixes inbound and they won't address many of the criticisms

Atticus_finch352d ago

My biggest issue was the fact they used the mobile version as base for all 3 games.
These games were doomed from the beginning.

Ethereal352d ago

Which was a port of a port of a port I believe. Not surprised these were complete garbage. But it's okay, they were disappointed initially until the sales numbers started pouring in. Now they are dancing their way to bank. All is good!

jambola352d ago

admitting the painfully obvious
what a big step......

Orchard352d ago

He'd need to be living in a fantasy world to try and deny that it had issues.

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The story is too old to be commented.