CNET's Prizefight 360 vs PS3 - Part 1

It's time for one of CNET's Prizefights, where they pit competing electronic products against eachother in hopes of declaring one the superior. Their most recent Prizefight has the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 dueling it out for console supremacy.

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GaMr-4894d ago

So the article is about a Xbox360 fanboy bashing C-Net (wich happens to be Microsoft owned) for favoring certain elements of the PS3). I was going to laugh till I read the source of this article. "Xbox fanboy" lol.. couldnt of been from anywhere else.

sajj3164894d ago

proponents (I hate the word fanboy) of the 360 will complain about anything negative regarding their beloved 360 (I own one). ITS ONLY PART I of the 'PRIZE FIGHT'. Surprised that CNET is being unbiased but I'll wait and see after viewing PART II, etc ...

uxo224894d ago

So what are you saying, if part two doesn't continue to favor the PS3, then they're being bias?

dfb19774894d ago

Do we really need another 360 v PS3 article. How about these idiots actually wait for the market to settle in to the PS3, so its on more of a level standing in Library, development and establishment of services. Then we can compare how the two are fairing with a lot more information and relevant data. I live in the UK so can't comment on the PS3 as I havn't seen it running yet or experienced it for myself. But I would rather let it establish itself rather than passing early judgement. As should so called journalists.

Nodoze4894d ago

So the crux of the comparison was based on style and 'formats'?? come on. How about GAMES?? Isn't that why we buy the consoles to begin with?

I can't wait for part 2.....errr on second that I think I will skip it!

TheMART4894d ago


Cnet? What are you doing guys...

The design... Well that's completely subjective in everybody's view. For instance, I hate black. I hated the look of the black XBOX, it's so 80's. Black, argh. And the PS3 has the problem when you put one finger on it, you'll instantly see the fingerprints. I like the white and slick design of the 360, much much better. And changing the faceplates, or the entire case is so cool.

Features another story. I personally don't need a next gen drive. I think streaming/downloading content is the future and there will be no real next gen standard/winner around. I already can watch HD movies through marketplace in USA, already I can stream movies from my PC to the 360 and even getting an external USB 2.0 HDD on the 360 gives me the opportunity to play movies. I don't need wireless, because wired connections are more stable. I don't need all kind of memory CF, SD card readers on my gameconsole, because pictures I upload on my PC and I might stream them to my 360.

It saved me 200 euro when buying the console, which I can spend on things that I find important.

What a useless waist of bandwith Cnet

smitty4894d ago

if the 360 had a built in high def. dvd drive, you'd like it. If it was as sleek and shiny as a PS3, you would love it. Sour grapes...

Torch4894d ago (Edited 4894d ago )

For someone who hates black, it's interesting that you have arguably the most black-proprietary avatar on this site.

I mean, I'm just may consider that sooooo 80's.

Besides, I think I understand the root of your dillema:

You can minimize the marks and stains, and keep your gorgeous, secretly-owned PS3 clean and shiny by not urinating on it so much.

It's not socially acceptable behaviour, you know.

techie4894d ago

The thing is a lot of people can't do all that malarky - streaming hd movies n all that. Perhaps its easy in the states, it certainly isn't over here. Our nets not that fast, hd hasnt really begun - and so the ps3 really makes everything a lot easier just to take it home and set it up without having to buy any add-ons at all.

The conclusion was 5 to ps3 4 to xbox360 - it simply has more features, so why get worked up over it? Some people dont need them, but they are still there.

rowdy 14894d ago (Edited 4894d ago )

on brotha preach on

dantesparda4894d ago (Edited 4894d ago )

Even though the movies on the marketplace may be HD (either 720P or 1080I) in resolution. They are highly compressed, and therefore not truly what they could be. You are not seeing those movies in their true splender, and the same can be said about all HDTV signals over cable or satellite. Im not so sure though about on HD-DVDs & BluRay discs, Im assuming that there, they aint so compressed. And i dont know about you, but much too compression makes it look bad, and since i know what to look for, i can clearly see it (the tall-tail signs of compression) when too much compression is used. So i wouldnt be so quick to chalk up the HD movies on the video marketplace as true Hi-Def.

uxo224894d ago (Edited 4894d ago )

You guys are video game players, okay you also watch movies. But anyone that say they truely give a rats ass about the difference between a 1080p and a 720p movie, because "I can see the slight tale tale differences in the compression" is FOS.

I agree with what the lady said and I felt that based on the two categories she provides. The PS3 was better than the 360. I also feel that you can easily create criteria to make whichever machine you want to win this so called prize fight. For example, category 1: library, category 2: online service, category 3: Interface, etc. She mentioned the brick power supply, are you kidding me, I don't actually have mine laying right next to my 360 for everyone to see. Beside, that brick would be a hell-of-a-lot easier to swap out shout the power supply go out.

Anyway, for what she used as categories she was absolutely correct, as a matter of fact, the features category should have been 5 to 3 for the PS3.

dantesparda4891d ago

Im not talking about the difference between say to closely match codecs, Im talking about having to much compression, if you are going to compress something so heavily, then the codec had better damn well be good, because when we are talking about a difference from 10-20gigs to just like 4-5gigs. There is going to be a difference. Especially when they are both using the same codecs. What you think HD-DVD and even Bluray is mainly using? Its VC-1 which is H.264 based, same as what they are using on the video marketplace? So yes they is a visible difference and you can clearly see it when you know what to look for

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