Breath of the Wild is finally influencing open-world games

Breath of the Wild majorly innovated in open-world design, and the influence shows in new games like Halo Infinite & Horizon Forbidden West.

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notachance482d ago

look man, I love botw too but reading the article the author didn’t provide what kind of influences it has on Halo Infinite and Horizon Forbidden West
only says that “it shows” … yeah but shows what? 🤣

porkChop482d ago

Huh? They did explain the influences. Did you read the article? I'm not saying I agree or disagree, but they literally did in fact cite areas or mechanics where the games were influenced. They didn't just say "it shows".

Crows90482d ago

But breath of the wild didnt create those mechanics. They were already in games.

porkChop482d ago

I think the point is more about how the mechanics and concepts are used or implemented, rather than the fact that they're there.

notachance482d ago (Edited 482d ago )

nope, they explained for fenyx rising and genshin impact, specifically the climb anywhere (which spiderman games actually did that all the way back on ps1) and glider (where it already exists also way back eg. castlevania, tomba) , but when they mentioned halo and horizon nowhere were they detailing the influences.

porkChop482d ago (Edited 482d ago )

"Halo Infinite eschewed the linear design the series was known for in favor of an open world where a grappleshot provided limitless exploration, and physics-based combat and intelligent AI led to more creative gameplay akin to that of Breath of the Wild."

Those are examples of influence. I don't know if I would say Halo was inspired by BOTW, but the author did in fact explain it.

"Meanwhile, Horizon Forbidden West has its own paraglider now, but it’s also displaying greater flexibility in scaling surfaces and underwater exploration."

Again. They explained it in regards to Horizon: Forbidden West. I don't agree with the underwater exploration part. But the first Horizon was a great traditional action adventure, with the same types of restrictions those games usually have.

Forbidden West opening up the gameplay with the paraglider in the way they have, climbing/scaling akin to BOTW, generally shedding the traditionalism of Zero Dawn, etc. It's not hard to believe that influence could have come from BOTW considering the two franchises launched a week apart and were endlessly compared. It's entirely normal to take inspiration from your competitors, which is why I wouldn't be surprised to see some Horizon influence in BOTW 2.

Concertoine482d ago

This. I think people are taking the idea of BOTW’s influence and turning it into “but BOTW didn’t invent those mechanics”.

No it didn’t, but it seems like a lot more games are having a lot more of those mechanics after BOTW made use of them.

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Halo infinite was more influenced by crysis.

thecodingart482d ago

Like Far Cry, or Just Cause..... So many games have done these mechanics and it's I'd argue it's laughable to even think BoTW was the inspirational factor here. If you listen to the early dev stories and how Horizon was develop, these ideas existed far before BoTW even did. The original pitch included Aloy riding on flying creatures. It's just such a joke.

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SurgicalMenace482d ago

Not understanding this article, BOTW was the PG13 version of the Witcher. They added climbing, gliding, and no story. What did I miss?

CS7482d ago

You missed the innovative game design structure that allows you to progress through the game in whatever order you choose and allows you to do missions in whatever way you figure out to achieve it.

Now sit back and watch as games over the next decade adopt and learn from this philosophy and you enjoy them for their freedom and autonomy that it gives to the players.

SurgicalMenace482d ago

Is that innovation when so many other games have done it before?

Christopher481d ago

I seriously hope not. Not having a pathline for story advancement was one of the things I hated most about it.

Zhipp482d ago

What a terrible take. Botw is nothing like the Witcher. It took clear inspiration from The Elder Scrolls and FromSoft's Souls games.

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AWBrawler482d ago

Lol it’s nothing like Witcher. All they share is an open world and a horse

Imalwaysright482d ago (Edited 482d ago )

"when so many other games have done it before"

Did what? A fake sense of freedom where other "open" world games constantly tell you where you have to go and what you have to do including TW3? BOTW has given us an unprecedented level of freedom and player agency in the open world genre through its design and that is what makes it different than 99.9% of so called "open" world games but you need to play it to understand this because you sound like the countless pathetic parrots that we see in this website that make it very clear through their comments that they never touched the game but have to hate on it because it wasn't made by Sony.

SenorFartCushion481d ago

The Witcher isn’t a seamless open world.

SurgicalMenace481d ago

When the open world has nothing in it, it makes it easy to be seamless. Zelda has absolutely no population in its world. The wind and the physics have to be considered when there are no obstructions. The Witcher is a better game; to me, I just didn't see anything I hadn't seen before in Zelda. If you only play Nintendo games, I can see how Zelda is groundbreaking, but when you play on all platforms, it's basic, at best.

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Inverno482d ago

can we please stop kissing up to BoTW? Everything it did was already done by many other games before it. All BoTW did was give Link Spidermans wall crawling for some extra way of traversing. Oblivion, and previous GTA games and FarCry did everything a decade before.

Nebaku482d ago

But it's the first to combine all those individual mechanics, and do them well.

Yeah, climbing buildings in ps1/2 Spiderman games was fun. Y'know what wasn't fun? The lack of anything else to make it worth it.

Same with Shadow of the Colossus. The climbing mechanics were great, but the game is routinely criticized for having nothing to but the bosses.

BOTW simply having all these mechanics gave it variety beyond anything those provided, but also made those systems integrated. Which in turn made a gameplay loop unlike ANYTHING we've seen prior.

Knushwood Butt482d ago

You can glide at will in Infamous once you unlock that skill.

It also has great combat, great world traversal, good progression, and a pretty cool story.

Ryushaa482d ago

Infamous and Just Cause with its open-world and glide mechanics. Also, Assassin's Creed with its open world climb anywhere. But sure BoTW is the pinnacle that come up and/or refined all these ideas.

CS7482d ago

What in the world? No it has not been done before.

Did you play BOTW?

Tell me another game that when you leave the tutorial you can go straight to the last boss?
Where you can progress through the games missions in what ever order you choose while still having an excellent polished experience?

In GTA etc the game has a progression of story missions where the game takes place -Linear progression but in a sandbox.

Zelda smashes that structure of game design and instead allows you to play the entire game in whatever order you choose. Nothing is forced. Even the individual missions you achieve it whatever way you figure out to do it.

It is a masterclass and a leap forward in game design. How anyone can’t see that baffles me.

NecrumOddBoy482d ago (Edited 482d ago )

Tell me another game that when you leave the tutorial you can go straight to the last boss?

Far Cry 4
Soul Sacrifice
Chrono Trigger (early in-game)

But also, these games have a story. BOTW, doesn’t. It’s a barren world of physics and a bunch short mini-games/puzzles. It’s basically the equivalent of an iPhone game.

AmUnRa481d ago

You cant say that, even its the truth, Nintendo fans cant take any critisism when someone proves them wrong. Nintendo is a like a God to them and they think Nintendo invented gaming, and every game on other platform used al the mecanics that Nintendo invented...