Microsoft CEO argues that buying Activision Blizzard will help him build the metaverse

"Being great at game building gives us permission to build the next internet"

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XiNatsuDragnel414d ago

Build the metaverse Nani but how I'm confused?

ABizzel1413d ago

I was borderline confused the entire time reading this article. Not about what he said, but how he was doing his best to find someone / somehow, that acquiring Activision tied into the "Metaverse" when his examples were all AWFUL.

This has nothing to do with the Metaverse. I don't understand tip-toeing around this, it was to grow their gaming business / specifically subscriptions which is the sales model Microsoft wants in all their departments (GamePass, MS Office, Azure Cloud are all divisions that have moved or are attempting to go full subscription based). They saw an opportunity to obtain ownership of one of the biggest franchises in gaming along with several other established IPs to grow first party publishing, and they took it. There's nothing wrong with that or saying it.

CS7413d ago

3D/VR/AR/Metaverse whatever you want to call it… it is coming.

Microsoft, Google, Apple and FB are all building hardware for it.

That would require 3D modellers, animators and programmers.

Activistion is filled with 3D modellers, animators and programmers and Microsoft would need alot of them in the future of computing.

Thus they bought Activision. Gaming and gamepass is a benefit yes. But it really is shortsighted to think they spent 70 billion for “gaming” only.

ApocalypseShadow413d ago

Lol. If they say it, the facade of "for the gamer" or "for the consumer" goes out the window.

Good thing we know better against their PR.

Orchard413d ago

Seems like a diversion tactic to get this to sail through the federal government with ease - and it'll probably work since our government has no idea about technology & games.

SullysCigar413d ago

Just wow. Equal parts cringe and goose bumps.

frostypants413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

I mean it's total BS. It's not like Activision has some secret sauce tech that they're bringing to the table. It was 100% an IP and production bandwidth play, not a tech play.

Flawlessmic413d ago

I dont know what the metaverse is but i already dont like it.

Yi-Long413d ago

It’s the ‘buy and own nice stuff in a fake reality because you can no longer afford the nice stuff in the real world’ scam.

Fonsecap413d ago

Man, never saw a better and simpler definition of metaverse, agree 100%

ScootaKuH413d ago

It's exactly this! Very well put 👍

TheGreatGazoo30413d ago

It's not what most people think. He's referring to the workspace if the future where you'll have some people in person and other people virtually coming in to join in a much more interactive way than Teams does currently. Avatars, shared virtual space, and how people connect in the future. His point is that kinda sounds like what we do in video games right? They want to use their gaming experience to help build this metaverse.

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The story is too old to be commented.