Gametrailers: God of War 3 HD

Spike VGA World Premier Trailer HD

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Bob Dole4306d ago

The gauntlets at 0:20!!!! This game is gonna be the shiz-NITE!

Marceles4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

The trailer is on the Playstation Store if anyone didn't know yet. It looks way better than watching it on the awards show

Danja4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

you beat to me it..and it's in 1080p ...XD

ne ways This game will just be amazing , loving the new camera style and I can't even imagine how amazing this game is gonna look one year from now

Marceles4306d ago

One of the best things about GoW has always been its cinematic camera styles during gameplay and QTE sequences, I don't think I've ever had a problem with the camera on that game. God of War 2 was unbelievable and the only thing I can really see them improving on is making it graphically badass, every other element has already been nailed in the previous games.

FreeMonk4306d ago

and before I get flamed, for the record I loved God of War 1 & 2 on the PS2.

The game will be excellent if the past games are to go for, but graphically...not spectacular.

It looks very pretty, but after Sony pushing out that CGI teaser trailer a few months back, I thought that was an indication of what to except graphically, like the Killzone 2 trailer was to the actual game, which was very close.

This though just looks like a prettier version of the 'Heavenly Sword' engine.

Again, I'm sure they are still working on it, and it will be a AAA title when it arrives and I will be buying it, but all in all, I was slightly disappointed with the outcome.

Bordel_19004306d ago

I think it looks really awesome.

Coheno4306d ago

Chills down my spine!

mikeslemonade4306d ago

In HD it doesn't impress me it's what I pretty much expected. I know people are excited though.

The Killer4306d ago

what he saw was more jaw dropping than this, i think this is just a teaser on what we will get!

i expect GOW3 will push the ps3 to a new limits higher than KZ2!!

Ace_Shooter4306d ago

come on fellas. look at this gif very closely.. (thank you 40cal)

for what it is...a teaser and very early in its stage. they could realease it how it looks now and it'll still look immpressive. if anyone has played GOW games, they'll know those 'sequences' are ingame graphics... but i wouldn't blame anyone to think its cgi ;) that was beautiful

DaTruth4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

Everything looks good(like cgi), it just needs some texture work which I'm sure will come in the later stages. The thing people need to understand is that any game can do Killzone 2 graphics with one guy on the screen, stagnant backgrounds and 720p, in this late stage of the gen it's all about lighting, particle effects, and # of moving objects on screen while pushing great graphics.

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xhi44306d ago

unbelievable, LOVE the new camera style and the new combat and blood

like you can fricken do wall runs and subsequent combos (evidenced by the blue at the beginning of the run that shows the player they've pulled off the move)


2009 is the YEAR FOR GAMERS! no doubt!

Max Power4306d ago

i actually think the whole scene takes place upon a titan, because during the fight with the cycloptic fellow everything was on it's side with rocks falling.

Michael Jackson4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

Prepare yourselves for Kratos, the God of War that will end all wars, even the console wars.

Gambit074306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )


Aloren4306d ago

God of War will be amazing, but I doubt this will end any wars.... I don't wanna ruin your dreams, but are you aware that the best selling God of War game on PS2 didn't even sell as much as MGS4, even though the install base was like 5 times bigger ? I have no doubt this third installment could be the biggest seller in the series, but really, I don't see this as a game that will really hurt the competition more than a few weeks.

jkoz4306d ago

Hooray for Youtube finally being in HD!

And for God of War... this is gonna be sick.

Bordel_19004306d ago

Sorry mate, this is not HD. The one on PlayStation Store is HD. You tube is still very low res.

jkoz4300d ago

It's in 720p. That is HD.