Ghostwire Tokyo Director Hints Studio Will “Have Something for Xbox”

Game Director Shinji Mikami drops a big hint that Ghostwire Tokyo might just be appearing on Xbox consoles in the future.

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Neonridr838d ago

No doubt they will make a version of the game for the company that now owns them.

Crows90838d ago

These guys are great at pointing out the obvious.

Orchard838d ago

Is that really a surprise to anyone? Of course this game is coming to Xbox, it was probably coming before they even got acquired by MS.

purple101838d ago

I thought this was always a 1-year timed exclusive the same as deathloop

iplay1up2838d ago

Looking forward to seeing what is coming to the Xbox Family, in the next few years. Obsidian, Bethesda, EA, Double Fine, 343, and so many more. Don't get me wrong! My top 3 anticipated games this year are GOW, Horizon Forbidden West, and BOTW 2!

iplay1up2838d ago

I apologize. I meant Activision.

porkChop837d ago

They wouldn't really gain much by buying EA. They don't need Battlefield, they don't need NFS, they don't need sports games, etc. The only benefits would be Dead Space, Bioware, and maybe something unique like Mirror's Edge. They're not going to spend $45B+ just to get those. EA comes with way too much baggage.

monkey602837d ago

Fifa is an annual juggernaut though. It would be like gaining the key to Europe for MS.

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Yang_kai838d ago

And the winner of the captain obvious awards go to

Game Director Shinji Mikami For his contribution to social media 🤷🏿

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Petebloodyonion2d ago

It's the why we close servers after 2 years, why we re-use the same assets every year, and why we bundle our game with enjoyable microtransactions.

neutralgamer19922d ago

Running digital casinos in every game

Rebel_Scum1d 21h ago

Re-using assets is not a bad thing tbh. Development is all about re-using code, assets and components.

neutralgamer19922d ago

Can you please focus on delivering enough quality content to justify the $70 asking price? While I appreciate the idea of over-delivering, it's essential to ensure that the base content itself is worth it. I have concerns that GTA6 might have less single-player content because most of the focus seems to be shifting towards online play and microtransactions

Inverno2d ago

The sleaze oozes out of these gaming CEOs faces. It's honestly disturbing how distorted people look when you've realized how money obsessed they really are. He gives off "in one ear and straight out the other" vibes.

jambola2d ago

I really don't get it
do they think anyone believes what they say?
is it that being in charge surrounds you by so many yesmen that they get deluded into thinking everyone is like that?

JackBNimble1d 15h ago (Edited 1d 15h ago )

Well if you look at the last 10 years you will notice there wasn't as single paid dlc. Every update was free whether you want to complain about sharkcards or not.

They're going to make billions on this game especially if they keep the same formula as last in regards to updates.