15 Most Underrated SNES Games

The 1990s were a time where mech-suit manga and television shows were starting to filter into the United States. The result was that we got a boatload of cool mech games like Metal Warriors.

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Knightofelemia410d ago

Still love the Power Rangers games but most of these underrated games cost an arm and a leg to buy unless you kept them around when they released.

Neonridr410d ago

yeah I had to resort to an everdrive cart for my Analogue Super NT because some game prices are just ridiculous.

Jiub410d ago

And it's only going to get worse as the games get rarer.

ZeekQuattro410d ago

Sparkster. Like Rocket Knight Adventures on the Sega Genesis neither game seems to be brought up much. I played both game a whole lot growing up.

SimpleSlave410d ago

Wow, would you look at that? A game list with some actual forgotten gems. Color me impressed.

Good stuff. 👍

NecrumOddBoy410d ago

I cannot praise EVO The Search for Eden enough. This game deserves a remake as it’s one of the wildest platformer JRPGs ever made. The concept of spending XP on evolving and devolving on the fly to navigate the world was really interesting. Evolution in games is rarely tackled creatively but EVO nailed it.

SimpleSlave410d ago

This was one of my favorite games during the 16-Bit era. Me and my cousin rented it not knowing what it was and ended up finishing it. Still, to this day, one of the most unique games I've ever played. Very addictive too.

This game is truly tops. 👍

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