Call of Duty Sales & Warzone Engagement Drop Year-on-Year; Infinity Ward Developing This Year's COD

Activision announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of the calendar year 2021, related to the period between October 1 and December 31.

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Orchard367d ago

Not super surprising given how bad Vanguard is. Fortunately for them BF was also bad so they’ve probably only had players leave for Halo.

Hopefully IW means a follow up to 2019’s Modern Warfare.

LucasRuinedChildhood366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

We already know it's MW2 (2022).

I skip most CODs, but I'm interested in MW2 as well. I'd like to think it wouldn't launch with barely any maps again.

Orchard366d ago

That's awesome, I loved the MW reboot - best COD in years, so I'm super excited for MW2.

Also had to laugh at the 11 studios working on one COD game... seriously...

kryteris366d ago

Love me some vanguard, can't wait for.. who knows what. That was a treat though.


Vanguard is fun, its unfortunately super woke....but it is still fun

ThisPlaceIsToxic366d ago

Ya, I’m with you. I can’t enjoy a video game anymore unless I know someone’s offended. /s

frostypants366d ago

Imagine being offended by games that don't mindlessly pander to people.

John_McClane366d ago

I haven't played the full game, what's woke about it? Not a fan of woke stuff btw.


Infinity ward love doors 🤣