Review: Dying Light 2 Stay Human | Console Creatures

Dying Light 2 Stay Human adds more than enough fresh content to keep it feeling like a necessary follow-up. Aside from a tepid story, you'll find a rewarding experience that will appeal to those coming back for seconds and the newly initiated.

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Dying Light 2 and For Honor Crossover Kicks Off Today, Schedule, Event Rewards Listed

The Dying Light 2 and For Honor crossover has been announced, and it kicks off today! Check out the schedule and rewards players can earn.


Dying Light 2 Roadmap for Fall and Winter 2023 Includes Co-Op Missions, Raids, and More

The latest Dying Light 2 roadmap lays out some great plans for upcoming content in Techland's zombie-slaying wonderland. Check them out here.

LostPotato69d ago

Never seen a company milk a franchise so much and deliver nothing of value. How about some actually expansions?

Lexreborn268d ago

I can’t believe how far off this game is from the greatness of the first.

banger8867d ago

Dying Light was my favourite game last gen, and the sequel is one of the worst games I've played this gen. Horrible game. Dead Island 2 blows it out of the water.

64d ago

Dying Light 2 Microtransactions Backlash Squeezes Out Response From Techland

Dying Light 2's new microtransaction system has been met with severe backlash, causing the developer to respond to the community.

isarai77d ago

LMAO so basically "we're just getting started"

XiNatsuDragnel77d ago

Lmao Damm you guys just rid of mts because ppl will hate you guys more

ClayRules201276d ago

“As always, we are gathering your feedback and hear your concerns. As far as we understand, a big part of the frustration stems from the pricing of the bundles and the resulting leftover DL Points.“

Ummm, WHAT?🤦🏼‍♂️ Game studio’s nowadays…

neutralgamer199276d ago

Tencent money isn’t free when they make investment into studios they expect to make money back with MT

I wish more people understood just how big and wealthy Tencent as a company is. Tencent could buy everyone in gaming besides MS and still have a lot of money left over (just using that as an example) they are buying stakes in every company left and right

Profchaos76d ago

Exactly everyone writes them off but it's true

Ashunderfire8675d ago

They are basically the Black Rock of gaming next to Microsoft and Embracer Group yikes 😬

-Foxtrot76d ago

Jesus Christ, talk about being tone deaf

Trying to make out it's just over the pricing issue when it's about the MTs as a whole

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