New York Game Awards 2022 Winners Announced

The New York Game Awards took place February 1st 2021 awarding some of the best gaming has to offer with a selection of strong winners.

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Orbilator367d ago

Lol just lol. Who came up with that awards, what a lot of drivel. And I don't mean the games.

AuraAbjure367d ago

I voted for Psychonauts 2 nice!

XxINFERNUSxX367d ago

Actually Psychonauts 2 (which I played on PC) is my personal pick for GOTY. I'm just going by what I played in 2021. I loved that game. So whatever your GOTY is, that's awesome to 😊🎮

GrmpyolGamer 366d ago

All GOTY awards should be held at the end of January and include all games released up to and including 31 December the previous year

Snakeeater25366d ago

2022 is a month old and there is a à award show …. Lol a little bit soon or if it is for 2021 wow that can late … miss the train new your games award haha