New York Game Awards 2022 Winners Announced

The New York Game Awards took place February 1st 2021 awarding some of the best gaming has to offer with a selection of strong winners.

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Orbilator903d ago

Lol just lol. Who came up with that awards, what a lot of drivel. And I don't mean the games.

AuraAbjure903d ago

I voted for Psychonauts 2 nice!

XxINFERNUSxX902d ago

Actually Psychonauts 2 (which I played on PC) is my personal pick for GOTY. I'm just going by what I played in 2021. I loved that game. So whatever your GOTY is, that's awesome to 😊🎮

GrmpyolGamer 902d ago

All GOTY awards should be held at the end of January and include all games released up to and including 31 December the previous year

Snakeeater25902d ago

2022 is a month old and there is a à award show …. Lol a little bit soon or if it is for 2021 wow that can late … miss the train new your games award haha


Capcom's Latest Shareholder Q&A Is a Terrifying Indictment of Capitalism

Capcom has released its latest shareholder Q&A, and while there are some smart questions in there, you'll find some not-so-smart ones too.

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TheColbertinator2h ago

Capcom is our hero and champion in the gaming industry somehow. Everyone else is straight up Dr Doom


Xbox Game Pass Raising Its Prices Might Make Me Actually Play My Backlog

A loss for Game Pass is a win for backlogs.

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anast13h ago

The cope is strong with this one.

TheColbertinator1h ago

Microsoft should increase the price further

anast18m ago

I would have increased a bit more. They left some money on the table. People will pay.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Coming to Game Pass July 24

Everything you need to know about Modern Warfare III coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

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darthv721d 9h ago (Edited 1d 9h ago )

Will be interesting to see what sort of numbers GP users draw in come tomorrow. It is believed that this is one many have been waiting for.

1d 9h ago
thesoftware73017h ago


That is not accurate; this game is old, and most people who want it have already bought it. You might get a small number of subs, but we will mostly see a good influx of players(not new subs) from people with Game Pass who will try it, which is what happened with D4.

CoD: BO 6 will be the test for actual sub numbers.

darthv7210h ago

That's fair... seeing as many have been saying they want CoD in GP. My comment was more of , now that its here... what can it do. Im sure there will be other titles in the franchise that will either entice or turn off different users.

Bathyj15h ago

No one's buying a console and signing up for a monthly bill just to get this game to avoid buying it. That's ridiculous. Besides everyone bagged the crap out of this on release for the 4 hour campaign.

andy8517h ago

Sweet. Never got round to it on release. I'll give the campaign a go