PS5 Has Shipped 17.3 Million Units; PlayStation Sales Dropped & Profit Grew Year-on-Year

Sony announced its financial results for the third quarter of the fiscal year 2021, including an update on PS5 and PS4 shipments.

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Orchard484d ago

So VGChartz is off by about 1mil. Glad to see all of Sony in the black.

Stanjara484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

I don't get the downvotes, maybe people don't know what it means for business to be in black?

SullysCigar483d ago

I think it's probably not so much about what was said..

PS5 is doing great, though, particularly given the barriers it faces.

As for Sony as a whole, they just need to get their phones back to great. They were awesome around the XZ Premium era, but have slid into tier 2 category overall for the past few years imo.

Sony TVs are as amazing as ever though, thankfully!

CBaoth483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

VGarbage off by a million. What else is new. That's why he got downvotes because there's a whole slew of posters who defend that puke here and treat it like gospel. Maybe his previous rep or ppl don't understand business.

ABizzel1483d ago


As someone who worked in the cellphone business for years, investing in mobile would be a waste of time. That industry is ran by Apple, Samsung, and old Nokia phones globally. The only dent they could make would be in the tablet market as there isn’t really an Android based tablet that is functional enough to be a laptop or iPad replacement even though the tech is there-ish and there is an audience for it. So a high-end tablet with the right price or a Playstation Tab are the only way they make an impact on the market currently (especially in NA).

What they can do is work on other aspects to sell to the phone industry. They already provide imaging sensors, so if they can work on displays and speakers / audio both of which the currently manufacture, and start investing in new tech like desktop and mobile RAM under a subsidiary. That’s on the tech side alone.

KyRo483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

@Abizzle, you may have worked in telecoms once but times change. Xiaomi are bigger than Samsung. What you need to realise that there's more to the world than just the west. Xiaomis growth is mental to see whilst Samsung are restructuring and wondering why less and less people are buying their phones yearly.

Samsung are great but to say the market is ran by Apple and Samsung is a very old way of thinking what things haven't been doing as well (still seriously good though) in recent years

darthv72483d ago

@CB, VG had that 1m in PS5 favor, not the other way around.

ABizzel1483d ago


Samsung has been the biggest phone manufacturer for almost a decade. A slow couple of generations for Samsung (of which the industry is slowing due to lack of innovation), is still DRASTICALLY better than any other provider except Apple.....which is number 2, and has been for nearly a decade since Samsung overtook them.

Xiaomi is big because it is a Chinese company making cellphones in the country with the world's largest population so their growth is based on the region they sell in, and also based on the fact they are a brand pushed by the Chinese government because they are stealing everyone's data who uses their phones.

I worked in that industry since i was 18 for nearly a decade from Level 1, to 1B, 1A, 2 switch to another provider into a Level 3 position. One of my last jobs in that industry was working with partners on brand awareness, and expansion into global markets and during that time our Sony partners had a single phone, same with Blackberry, and both companies ended up closing all of their mobile effects with global brands.

If they don't bring a phone that offers a very specific niche (PS Phone) or that completely moves the market forward technologically hardware-wise (notebook performance, with good battery life, and cooling), software-wise (an iOS level event), or in some other manner that truly matters to people (AR / Hologram) it will launch and die once again.

The only traditional phone spaces they could find a large enough audience to get back into the top 10 is making one of the best budget phones on the market or by partnering with Google to make the Nexus phones and have them launch with the newest version of Android OS each generation and the newest ARM processors, and even then people will still pick a Samsung over it 99 times out of 100.

They're better off with a PS Tablet.

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septemberindecember484d ago

Console shipment numbers by comparison in the same timeframe:
PS3 - 12.85M
PS4 - 20.1M
3DS - 17.13M
Switch - 17.79M

17.3M maybe less than they anticipated at this point (due to the component shortages), but it is definitely still great performance for a console.

PS-Gamer-1986484d ago

Yeah imagine how high ps5's numbers would be if there weren't chip shortages. There are still enough people who weren't able to buy one, more than one year after release. 🤯

OptimusDK484d ago

But you should also not neglect the FOMO because of the shortages.

It has always been the way that if you cant get something you want it even more. This actually reflects both to xbox and PS.

Neonridr483d ago

clearly there are plenty who haven't bought one yet. Considering the PS4 install base was well north of 115 million and we only have 17.3 million PS5's sold to date. That means 100 million+ people haven't been able to buy one yet. Long ways to go, generations aren't based on a single year. Things will only get better for them.

Fist4achin483d ago

Still waiting on one here...

rogerrus3483d ago

By the time I get my hands on one, the ps6 will be releasing

badboyz09484d ago

Why do we continue to post sales? Is this still a console War?

Nyxus483d ago

Why not? I think it's interesting to see how well a console is selling.

Pyrofire95483d ago

I wouldn't equate the 2.
It's partially to promote to investors/ keep them in the know of what's happening.
But also when you're leading in sales you like to brag a bit.
Console wars is something fan-bases made up, for them it's just doing business, it's competition but they don't hate each other.

SullysCigar483d ago

If you click them, they'll keep coming.

I find it interesting. It gives one indication of how well the industry is doing as a whole and of the market share each competitor holds within it.

CrimsonWing69483d ago

You’re really asking if there’s a console war while posting on N4G?

badboyz09483d ago

Yeah I got the dislikes but it's pretty much still a console war.

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EasilyTheBest483d ago

What happened to the endless Shipped not Sold arguments on N4G lol I miss those...

TheProblem483d ago

Not relevant here

Ps5 is sold out everywhere. We can assume shipped is sold in this case

MohammadAdam483d ago

That may be true, but what about the consoles in transit? Depends how they are shipping these, but if by sea, that could take a a week or two, right?

darkrider483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

Second biggest quarter in Sony history and 111 millions monthly users on December.

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