Immersion Offers to Rumble PS3

If Sony and Immersion can mend fences soon enough, maybe things may shake after all. Many were surprised to hear that the PlayStation 3 controller would not support a rumble feature, as it has become an expected part of the modern gaming experience. Both the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii support the technology, meaning Sony's console will be the only next-gen system without a rumble-enabled controller.

Sony's explanation for the feature's absence is that the vibration interferes with new motion-sensing technology being implemented into the controller. But this claim conflicts with news from developer Immersion, who has just finished work on a new vibration effect that can function alongside motion-sensing features.

Says Immersion: "The new TouchSense technology is compatible with motion control and tilt-sensing to allow players to control certain game actions by moving or tilting a handheld controller. Because the speed at which a user moves the controller is much slower than the frequencies generated by TouchSense technology, the two signals can be differentiated using filtering and other techniques. Immersion also offers engineering services to implement the technology within a particular console system."

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TheXgamerLive5094d ago

Not gonna happen :)) Remember, Microsoft owns a big chunck of immersion now. Dont think so, maybe sony can just have them shake there controllers really hard while playing:))

5092d ago
Marty83705094d ago

M$ owns about 10% hardly a big chunk,so it could happen.

Cyclonus5092d ago

you should be banned for filling the whole page with SH!T. spamming is just as bad what that cvnt ssj is doing.

bernie5094d ago (Edited 5094d ago )

"Mending fences?", remember its a 90 million dollar fence, I also think Sony giving 10% of the cost of every joypad to Microsoft will make this an impossibilty.

THAMMER15094d ago

It was fatal for sony to drop rumble.

kingboy5094d ago

To hell with them..3rd party support rumble all day babyyy!

FeralPhoenix5094d ago

This is my only problem with Sony, for some reason when it comes to the PS-PS3 they are far too arrogant, I would respect them more if they would just be honest with the public and say that they dropped the rumble feature becuase it is an ongoing legal matter, (thats business)instead of lying or using smoke and mirrors to say that it conflicts with motion sensing, yes I know in fact it does but Sony could have easily used its resources and come up with a solution, from what I've read the technology is really simple compared to other gaming hardware for Sony to act as if it is nearly immpossible for them is Wii-diculous.

joemutt5093d ago

"People dont really need vibrations"

"They wont miss it"

"They will forget all about it in a year."

I wont because I already have rumble in my next gen controller.

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The story is too old to be commented.