God Of War 3 : First in-game screenshots

A forumer from Neogaf posted some caps of God Of War 3 from the in-game teaser shown today in VGA 2008:

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Chicken Chaser4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

David Jaffe .. Thanks for nothing!
Painting come to life? pff
Won't put my expectations so high next time :(

PirateThom4570d ago

David Jaffe also said the VGA trailer was not what he had seen.

Take that as you will.

xhi44570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

the VGA one was really short n that it looked nothing like what he

@below EDIT: Yeah definitely, but i mean I think they're going to want to just slowly build hype becaues its a whole year away man, they'll probably do a massive reveal like they did with Killzone 2 and it's CG target in E3 2009, well obviously.

But yeah honestly if after how Jaffe said it'll be reallly short and not the build he saw I wasn't expecting much, but yeah I'm just looking forward to Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Killzone 2 n GT 5 aye

Chicken Chaser4570d ago

oh..didn't knew that..still..i was expecting so much more with all the praising he gave the game....maybe they should release the video he saw.

Rock Bottom4570d ago

Come on now CC, that was SD quality, surly you don't think the game looks like that, but yeah the trailer was disappointing, if the 10 seconds were continuous gameplay footage, it would've given us a clearer view about the game.

Snake Raiser4570d ago

BIG BOSS would love to give this guy his thanks.
Use name :Nathan Drake
"SD footage of a game that's coming out in 2010
I hope you realize you're having a panic attack for nothing?"

360degrees4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago ) please dont get me wrong, I'm a huge God of War fan, and Kratos is one of the more memorable (amongst the hordes of average) playstation characters to date.......but I for one was NO WHERE AS NEAR IMPRESSED as I hoped I would have been....its like I could just feel all of my hopes and aspirations I had built up for this game shifting to the ever so hopeful Killzone 2....I can hear it now..."How can you judge from such a short clip"..."wait till they show it in HD, it was just bad quality"....there is no excuse for them submitting this as a True Next Gen God of War...if Kratos were around he would have their heads...LOL

HighDefinition4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

It looks GREAT.

Better than anything else in it`s genre, from even those screens.

xhi44570d ago

first with Uncharted 2 now God of War 3

"He ended it by saying the trailer we see at the VGA's isn't going to be anything to get too excited about and will end up showcasing very little of the game."

Megatron084570d ago

It looks good but nothing ground breaking. Maybe someone should of explained the difference between ingame and cg to jaffe

Danja4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

come guys the game wasn't even shown in gonna have a good laugh on year from now when everyone is praising GOW3...

chaosatom4570d ago

So yeah, it was so short.

It's hard to tell anything.

thematrix12984570d ago


your focking avatar says it all...cunt


wow.People are bashing a "7-10"second trailer of a game that is still work in progess.It takes me back to killzone2,every one was calling it greyzone2 and look at how the game turned out in december09.Im not even bothered,i know this game will deliver(IM UNDER NDA).I can assure u this is an old build(but it still looks good)Juust wait till next year E3 then u see what im talking about.But u guys have to have ur brain checked out,this is a TEASER trailer...what do u expect,a 2min clip from a game that dose ot even have a relase date!?!?!?!.... :/

Jinxstar4570d ago

I dont know what your talking about. It looked amazing.

gambare4570d ago

the video was at very VERY low res, and he already said that the teaser don't show what he saw that was amazing.

dragunrising4570d ago

The build shown was probably early. Overall, I liked what was shown. It didn't blow me away, but neither did the first and the second as I finished them after the "next gen" began. I will always love the art direction. With that said, I don't think people should get their hopes down, however they need to be realistic about what was shown. It wasn't earth shattering awesome and that makes me think the game is not due for this year. Based on what was shown and David Jaffe's observation the game should come out in 2010. No big deal. Considering GOW 2 came out around the same time as the PS3, people shouldn't expect it earlier. More time to cook in the oven is always good.

IcarusOne4570d ago

I have no doubt that this game will be fun as hades.

Kain814569d ago

samt sh++t was said about Killzone2 and what happend my friend.
Killzone2 looks BEYOND-AMAZING

hay4569d ago

For Christ's sake... Whine all you want but this isn't final build. Remember Killzone2? It looks a lot better than when was first announced. Remember Starcraft 2? Looks better now. Remember MGS4? Visuals WILL be better. Don't be childish.

CrazzyMan4569d ago

spike fail, gow 3 rulz. =)

solidt124569d ago

I am excited to see GOW III in action. I only wish the trailer was longer. They must be very early in production if they are still only showing small teaser trailer. I guess we want see more until GDC which sucks. Hopefully by E3 09 there will be alot more story revealed.

prowiew4569d ago

Looking good or not, still, it is my most anticipated game of 2009

jlemdon4569d ago

the graphics looks accordingly, I don't understand you fanboys how u think it was gonna look like cg???? I've never seen any game this generation that looks as good as there cg yet.

but it looks like it will give DMC4,NG2, & the new Ninja Blade a run for it's money.

solidt124569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

Don't you see the Spike TV logo on photos. These are not screen captures. What for the real deal. The game looks incredible. I don't think any website has official screen shots yet.

4569d ago
Amnesiac4569d ago

Anyone that doubts that this game is going to be awesome clearly didn't play GOW2

solidt124569d ago

Here it from the man his self. The footage from VGA is not what he saw that looked like a painting.

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IzKyD13314570d ago

are you being sarcastic?
because these screens really are awesome

Snake Raiser4570d ago

They are awesome, considering this is EARLY development.
They haven't been working on it that long.
They already look almost as good a a Ps2 game, and they won't this game wont come out for a loooong time.
Kratos is almost as buff as BIG BOSS

Aclay4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

The God of War 3 trailer was shorter than I though it would be... but still, it's awesome to see God of War 3 in action. Ninja Blade better watch out, Kratos is watching... and waiting.

I just want to see what the heck Jaffe saw, and I want a confirmed release date. If there is God of War 3 gameplay shown this early, I think that it's safe to assume that it's probably coming Late 2009 just like the rumors are pointing to.

Elimin84570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

So was Uncharted... man, but that was sweet, same sick sense of humor too... man next year can't come soon enough. well providing they do release next yr who knows... I do wish though.

rhood0224570d ago

Im gonna call it right now:

Tomorrow there will be a flood of articles claiming how "GOW III is going to flop"

Elimin84570d ago

flop or not this will be the best $120.00 Plus tax I ever spend. On both Uncharted & GOW...... And for those who think it might flop Please please let the mother f#ckin game come out first, better yet get it and play it when it comes out, then talk all the sh!t you want

MorganX4570d ago

Won't flop, won't do a whole helluva lot for the PS3 platform if it doesn't get a whole lot better. I'm deflated by what I've seen but it's early. Heck, Bionic Commando looks better. Witholding judgment; no way Sony drops the ball on GOW III.

solidt124569d ago

God III Tease but great to see Kratos back in action. I like how the action is more in your face with the close cam. Uncharted 2 is looking unbelievable. That blood on his hand look very good for in game cut scene. Uncharted was a great game and if you haven't played it yet shame on you. Bring on GOD III and Uncharted 2 in 09. oh yeah Killzone 2

Beast_Master4569d ago

I am trying to understand this. The Gears of war 2 teaser trailer was just black and red with Marcus chainsawing a Locus, and nobody complained, even though the game was less than a year away. Then we got some more around E3. In this Teaser for God of War 3 I could see at least 3 distinct different levels, new weapons and gameplay. So obviously they have made alot of progress on the game and it looks like it could be released by Holiday 09. I hope they don't wait till March 2010 like they always do with GoW games.

By the way I didn't see any trailer at VGA's that blew me away and Uncharted and GOW3 by far had the best graphics of what was shown, way better than Brutal Legend, Dante Inferno and Mafa 2.

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disappointed, I stood too late in the morning, I have an exam today, and what I got? A PS2-ish GOW!!!!!!Don't flame me though, I love this series very much (look at my bio), but I was expecting more, MUCH MORE. I hate to say it, and I HATE THE SH!T OUT OF GEARS OF WAR, but you have to admit, it looks on paar with gears of war 2 or even heavenly sword, even WARDEVIL looks better than this!!

Nathan Drake4570d ago

I hope you realize you're having a panic attack for nothing?

PLASTICA-MAN4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

the final game will look much more better, remember Killzone 2! We can forgive them, it is their first attempt with the PS3!

So this guy must be right :

Edit: I've just watched Uncharted 2 teaser, it is more impressive!

bigman73874569d ago

Dude, this game is supposed to come out for A YEAR. Hold your horses.

mfwahwah4569d ago


Of course it was more impressive. It was Uncharted 2. And it WASN'T ACTUAL GAME PLAY LIKE GOD OF WAR 3.

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poopsack4570d ago

gameplay wise, the game looks phenomenal, but i think that people were let down with the graphics, but we can always trust gaffe right?

Chicken Chaser4570d ago

You know..the video was indeed really good! actually bad ass! ..even thou it was short!

But the Graphics?? Pretty Standard for a next gen biggie like GOW :(

INehalemEXI4570d ago

Im sure it will get polish and look better then this teaser by the time its gold. I was impressed in a short amount of seconds though.