Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 is planned for reveal this year, producer confirms

The classic PlayStation RPG is 25 today and Square Enix says “more new projects” are coming.

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-Foxtrot666d ago

"as well a message to fans confirming that more projects based on FF7 are in the works"

Look I like VII but other FF games exist and I just feel at this point VII is being milked to death.

What's going to happen when we get to the 25th Anniversary of FFVIII and IX? It's just going to end up being more FFVII stuff which is a damn shame because other FF games have great worlds and characters ripe for more stories.

jBlakeeper666d ago

Everything that is popular is being milked to death. I roll my eyes every time I see an ad for The Batman. Like how many Batman movies do really need?!

Zhipp666d ago

To be fair, there's hardly ever been a bad Batman movie.

jBlakeeper666d ago

Yes, I’m sure it will be a great film. One of the best of the year. I just wish Hollywood would take more creative risks. But they won’t these days because taking risks could potentially cost millions of dollars. The problem is even worse in gaming.

Omegasyde666d ago

Well it could be worse, look at Marvel Eternals.

Granted Peacemaker TV series is awesome.

CorndogBurglar666d ago

Well, Batman hasn't had a solo film since The Dark Knight Rises, 10 years ago.

Snakeeater25666d ago

Batman forever ring at the door 😂

bestofyou665d ago

Batman & Robin ring a Bell?

Zhipp665d ago

Batman & Robin is beyond cheezy -- to the point where it's actually one of the funniest movies I've seen. How can you not appreciate all those terrible puns? 10/10

...okay, I'll give you that one. Batman forever stinks.

665d ago
jeromeface665d ago

@zhipps taste in movies obviously lacks

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gamer7804666d ago

Agreed. It takes them forever so I’ll buy the parts when it’s all finished.

neutralgamer1992666d ago (Edited 666d ago )


Sony will announce what's next. Their deal with square enix is in final stages. Afterwards Sony wants Capcom and namco while Ms is after Sega

Warner Bros

These 2 could throw a wrench in future plans .from my research the worst I saw was someone is after take two for GTA

I believe the game publishing landscape will change forever within the next 12-18 months

FantasticBoss665d ago

I'm all for these remakes as I think the first one was great and they are doing so much more with it, but I'm also one hundred percent done with more spin off FF7 games. I've been done with it for years. I agree. Give me new things or at least tap into something else for once.

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andy85666d ago

Reveal this year release next year? I guess I'd take it if 16 is out this year 😂

666d ago
Majin-vegeta666d ago

Id prefer we get Pixel remaster with trophies you cowards!

andy85666d ago

It'll happen. Once they've tried to make us buy PC first so we double dip 🙃

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SDuck666d ago

Ah yes, the joy of a new Final Fantasy reveal. They always come followed by years of waiting and antecipation! The sooner they reveal Part 2, the sooner that 5 year countdown of impatience begins!

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