Virtua Fighter 5 - North American version to only support 720p?

The game doesn't hit retail until February 20th, but were lucky enough to already get their hands on a retail boxed copy.
And speaking of the box... While the Japanese version claimed Supported HD Resolutions of 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p, the North American version's box claims only 720p (see the photos below). Some owners of the already released Japanese version claimed the actual 1080p output didn't look quite right - looking upscaled rather than native. Since there is practically no chance the Japanese and North American versions of the game actually support different resolutions, they suspect there's a typo most likely in the JP version.

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MikeMichaels4898d ago (Edited 4898d ago )

Who cares!

Just give me this game!!

TheMART4899d ago

Now it would be funny to see it go 1080p for the 360 haha

PureGamer4899d ago

Yes it would be funny why? i bet you have a party planned if MS wins this console war ha ha, i bet you dont even have a T.V that surpports 1080p.

GaMr-4899d ago

Im sorry i try to hold my composure but that was funny dude. lol

sajj3164899d ago

I'd rather have it 60 FPS at 720P then 30 FPS at 1080P. Now, I'm just throwing numbers here but all I care about is how fluid the game is. So for those that comment about 1080P have no idea the importance of fluidity for a Virtua Fighter game. Full HD ... NO .. Full Fluid Game .... YES. Kuddos to SEGA for making the right choice.

'Live and Let Game'

bumnut4899d ago

for me there is nothing worse than amazing graphics let down by a poor frame rate. i would prefer it to be knocked down to 720p (which still looks amazing) and run at 60fps.

calderra4899d ago

The "framerate over 1080p" argument would be fine if not for the fact that Sony is STILL trying to push the PS3 as the only "true high-def" machine and the only box truly capable of 1080p.

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The story is too old to be commented.