Japan: Weekly Hardware Sales 1/29-2/04

For the latest Japanese hardware figures, hit the jump.

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TheMART4894d ago

And the numbers of the PS3's sold keep going down, down down.

17k sold last week. aww man
The 360 sold over 6k, again selling at least at one third of the PS3 sales. That's huge for Japan. Total sales of the 360 are still on 50% of the PS3 sales. Insane.

Japan is going for the Wii just like I expected. The rest of the world buys 360 for next gen gaming, the Wii is sold for fun gaming. It was always know, Wii60 for the price of one PS3. It's good to see that people see that now. More fun, more games ond two consoles and premium online XBL service for the same amount of money spend. wow

kornbeaner4894d ago

but is outsold by twice as much by a system going on three months.
I don't get how your spinning this to be a good thing. the 360 is being outsold by the PS3 and the PS3 doesn't even have the libarary that the 360 has and it's still outselling it.

How is it a good thing for the 360 to have half as many systems sold by the PS3 when the PS3 has no must-have title outside of Resistance which is above average at best, More expensive, and has no game(AAA, must-have) coming out till at least march or april?

I don't know how you can spin that into a positive. The Wii at least has an explaination in the fact that they have Zelda out. Face Fact there is a interest for the 360 in Japan, but it's never gonna be a Massive or a descent success there. Whats gonna happen when Games that PS3 owners want start to appear for the Platform?

The 360 won't even make it to a Million Consoles sold by '08 in japan and this is somehow a good thing?

I guess to each their own.

eques judicii4894d ago

it becomes good because of how the 360 is doing in the rest of the world compared to the ps3. it might be outsold, but its in a territory that is notorious for supporting only itself in terms of video games. It is also doing surprisingly well in its second year compared to its first. It is selling 2-3X the number of consoles as it did last january and february. That IS a positive thing for microsoft. It is selling twice as many units as the original xbox was in its second year as well.

Although the 360 has yet to exceed the # of units that the original xbox sold is as much time (the original xbox started out a little bit faster) it is quickly closing the gap and with a few more AAA titles (like lost odyssey and eternal sonata) the 360 should start selling even faster.

The narrowing distance between the 360 and ps3 sales is good for microsoft because if it continues than the 360 may supplant the ps3 for 2nd place in japan sometime next year.


kornbeaner4894d ago

is only in 2 territories, and while the 360 is selling better in the states and might acutally stay that way here in the states. The PS3 is outselling the 360 when at present time has nothing to justify a Purchase except from true-diehard PS3 fans. The 360 has had Blue-Dragon, Ninety-nine knights, DOA 4, DOAX 2 plus other titles that are geared towards a Japanese Market if nothing more. Even Gears has found mild success there, and not only is the 360 not selling as good as the PS3 it's not even selling as good as it's little brother(Orignal Xbox).

And this is a Good thing?, What's Gonna happen when MGS, DMC4, FF, Lair, White Knight Story, and many more games come out that will make Japanese consumer warrant a purchase on a more expensive that they are already buying more of than the 360. MS will never be a massive success in Japan, Just like Ford and Chevy will never be huge in Japan neither will the 360.