Ubisoft on history and creating new heroes in For Honor

TSA writes: "How does Ubisoft create new heroes in For Honor? What historical and fantasy influences come into play? We interview the team to find out."

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For Honor: Year 7 Season 3 Ghost Trailer

This looks like some Spooky fun.For Honor’s new season, Deceit, is coming on September 14, and the atmosphere is about to get otherworldly. Year 7 Season 3’s story opens with the Ghost Festival, a Wu Lin celebration to honor the dead with offerings and performances, running from September 14 to October 5.

Eidolon17d ago

7 years already, jesus. People play it still. It was fun but not the sticking around years kinda fun.

Garethvk16d ago

Just shows that some games have a real core.


For Honor’s Year 7, Vengeance Trailer

Looks like a solid update to be excited for. Today, Ubisoft revealed the second season of For Honor’s Year 7, Vengeance, available on June 15. This season will be inspired by stolen treasures from an exotic empire and will bring visual changes to maps of the game, as well a new Hero Skin for Warmonger.


For Honor’s Year 7 Heresy Trailer Revealed

This looks great. Today, Ubisoft revealed the first season of For Honor’s Year 7, Heresy, available on March 16. This season kicks off Year 7 in For Honor, which will add four action-packed seasons with two new Heroes, four new Hero skins, four Battle Passes, Calendar Events, Throwback Events, Testing Grounds, three Hero Fests and more.