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Blacktail is a Slavic fantasy FPS packed to the brim with action and charm that evokes God of War and American McGee's Alice.

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jznrpg109d ago

To compare to GoW it should have the polish of GoW which I doubt this has .

sourOG109d ago

In the game you play as young Baba Yaga which is an old crone in slavic myths. She’s a boogeyman type character for some and a protector. I think they took a lot from Baba Yaga for Freyas character in GOW.

The struggle between good and evil with a mythical character is where I think the comparison lies and I like the concept. What turned her into the boogeyman? On paper it sounds dope. And deep down I want another The Darkness style fps.

sourOG109d ago

I just saw gameplay this game will be solid. I’ll buy it to see at least.

camel_toad108d ago

Man The Darkness was really good. And Mike Patton's voice was great in it.

Yui_Suzumiya108d ago

I love The Darkness games and have them on PS3. Would love them to be Remastered and available on Switch.

rdgneoz3108d ago

Saw the trailer that they released as well. It doesn't look like GoW or play like it. It's more like Skyrim / Elder Scrolls or such instead with how the combat is. Still looks interesting, but it's not a first person GoW and the only reason to call it that is for the clicks...

sourOG108d ago

If you are basing it on the fact that it’s a unique takeon set mythology. It works. Like adding Kratos into Loki’s bloodline to tell an origin story. I can see where they are going with this article.

It’s probably not a sufficient headline for the ultra literal and semantic n4g users who are easily triggered. I rarely defend games media but I’d say it’s you this round.

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CrimsonWing69109d ago

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been waiting for a first person God of War game, like ever.

Teflon02109d ago

yeah I'd rather watch Kratos punch someones face off than it be in first person where you miss alot of the detail not seeable. Never thought first person action looked as good as 3rd person ever lol

Yui_Suzumiya109d ago

First person is alot more realistic and immersive

mike32UK108d ago

Did you not play God of War 3? There were numerous first person beating sequences including him thumbing out Poseidon's eyes.

Easily some of the most brutal parts of the series.

Army_of_Darkness109d ago

Action fighting games like Gow don't go well in first person perspective.

Yui_Suzumiya108d ago

Well you do have a point when it comes to these type of games. Sorry I wasn't using my brain earlier when I commented, lol

ApocalypseShadow109d ago

GOW? No. Not even close.

But this looks pretty good and would look amazing in VR.

Rocosaurus108d ago

Awesome. Slavic mythology is criminally underrated in gaming.

LoveSpuds108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

To be fair, I think most cultures folklore is under represented in games. Just here in the UK alone, there is a fantastic breadth of quite ancient folklore which harkens back to our druid ancestry etc.

You tend to find the Greek, Norse and Roman mythology is most referenced and there is no doubt that stuff if really interesting and cool, but loads of places have such cool folklore that could be tapped into.

I can imagine that there is some really cool folklore in Eastern European countries that would be really refreshing and interesting.

Mr_Luke108d ago

I really like what i see of the game and the story behind (different from the usual "evil kids eater") and i'm going to get it for sure.
But it's not at all like GoW and i wouldn't like a FP GoW.

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