WB Games Executive Producer Rob Shepard Joins XGS Publishing

Former WB Games Executive, Rob Shepard, has joined Xbox Game Studios as executive producer of Cloud Gaming.

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Magog109d ago

Hasn't WB games been basically run into the ground?

plmkoh109d ago

Two words: Stephen Elop.

Let that be a warning.

Godmars290109d ago

A warning of what?

If WB Games is a hallowed out husk with likely only Mortal Kombat keeping it relevant, then someone needs to explain why one of its former execs taking a position in MS, itself having issues making games - that's making, not buying, games - is even news worthy.

Tacoboto109d ago

Mike Ybarra also went to Blizzard not too long ago from MS.

The Initiative also has a significant person from Crystal Dynamics.

Tacoboto109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Severely-delayed Gotham Knights
Severely-delayed Harry Potter
Suicide Squad (Rocksteady hasn't released anything since Arkham Knight)
Wonder Woman using that patented Nemesis tech
Severely-delayed Lego Star Wars

The Featured News on their web page still includes the announcements of Gotham and SS.

Hard to run something into anywhere when it only seems like it's kinda just... not moving. At least there's a folder on someone's computer showing MK12.

109d ago
TheGreatGazoo30109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Next announcement... WB Games acquired by Microsoft (not because of that move, but I do think they'll do this)


I agree, but when do you think we’re getting the announcement? Is Microsoft balsy enough to announce it this year given that they already have another big acquisition under government review?

brewin109d ago

I was sure that MS would have bought out WB Games, if only to have Rocksteady and the Batman license to compete with Sony and Spiderman.

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