Ghost Recon Frontline Closed Test Gameplay Leaks, Features UI, Menus & Combat

Ghost Recon Frontline closed test gameplay videos has surfaced featuring our first look at the menus, UI, and combat based on alpha footage.

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CaptainFaisal108d ago

Everything looks great , but the music and UI sounds are annoying

excaliburps108d ago

I wouldn't call it great. xD Well, it is F2P, so it's expected?

EvertonFC108d ago

Looks generic and shit like all ubisoft games in the last 5 + years. What happened to you ubi, I was a loyal fan until black flag 😔

telgou108d ago

Ubitshit is the only video game company that deserves to go bankrupt and its franchises rights bought by other companies, currently.

denawayne107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

GR is a total disgrace. It would be awesome if they redid the og GR's. It used to be more like a simulation. More realistic with tough missions. If your team died, you'd have to start the mission over from the beginning.
It also did BR in multi player before BR was even a thing. It was a mode called Last Man Standing

JEECE107d ago

Unfortunately I think the taste they got of a successful, persistent multiplayer game with Rainbow Six: Siege has them in a frame of mind where they want to just keep trying until they get another one. I do agree that a hardcore GR would be much more likely to be a success, but it would also be more likely to be a "sells 5-8 million copies" success, rather than a "has a massive persistent fanbase and generates tons of ongoing revenue from mtx" kind of success, and one success in the latter category is probably worth more than 5-6 of the former. Therefore from a certain frame of mind it's worth it to keep throwing nonsense like Hyperscape, XDefiant, and this awful looking thing at the wall until one of them sticks, even if it results in 4-5 failures along the way.

DigitallyAfflicted107d ago

You can adjust game settings in GR and archive simulation level of difficulty…

ChubbyBlade107d ago

It’s not even remotely similar

QuePasa87106d ago

I just want another GR Future Soldier