Elden Ring Director Confident More People Can Complete This Game

Miyazaki told PlayStation that more players can complete this game and be satisfied with it compared to previous games they have made.

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bunt-custardly115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

~1/3 of people complete single player games according to statistics.

toxic-inferno114d ago

Interesting then that 34.5% of players have achieved the "See the Ending" trophy on Dark Souls II on PS4. At the same time, 31.7% of players have achieved the "To Link the Fire" trophy on Dark Souls Remastered on PS4, which is only one of two possible ending trophies.

Seems like the series is consistent with normal completion statistics!

bunt-custardly114d ago

Based on his comments, that number should rise in theory but I don't think difficulty is the only factor which prevents players from finishing. Time, other games, life etc.

DOMination-113d ago

I play a lot of visual novels and whilst most of the games are fairly simple to platinum they generally take 50+ hours to fully complete - and yet the plat% is 70, 80, even seen 90% on some. Because the majority of people playing them know what sort of game it is

Whilst the Souls games are not as niche, I still feel the trophy stats for them are likely to be less typical than most games. By now, even casual gamers know to stay away from them and of the people who do play like to because of the challenge.

anast114d ago

How many gamers are out there? 1/3 is a huge portion of the gaming population, especially when most play throw away live service stuff.

Magog114d ago

1/3 of people who choose to buy and play the game is far different from 1/3 of all gamers.

anast113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

@ Magog It was stated 1/3 people, not 1/3 people that choose to play the game. Secondly, 1/3 people that buy and play single player games is a number you can't count, even with pedantry. Last, we can also say he meant 1/3 people that choose", I can also say that my comment represents that as well, especially with the "live service"n comment. The statement was general, you added extra qualifiers to make yourself seem correct. The race to feel correct is a rough one.

bunt-custardly114d ago

To the phantom disagree person, prove otherwise then. It is a widely known (not to you obviously) statistic.

Glemt114d ago

I'm not the "phantom disagree person", but you claimed something, so you prove it. "According to statistics" or even "widely known" means nothing.

bunt-custardly114d ago (Edited 114d ago )


Dude (toxic-inferno) above even validated the 1/3 stat with the two stats he posted. As a whole (and it varies on a per game basis) the average is around 1/3. This has been discussed on N4G many times over the years.

Daeloki114d ago

Where did you get these statistics?

toxic-inferno114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

As I mentioned in the reply to bunt-custardly above, the trophy data reveals that approximately 1/3 of players actually finish the game. The two statistics I mentioned were for Dark Souls games. Compare them to other popular games and you'll see that the pattern is consistent:

Horizon Zero Dawn: 31.8%
Deathloop: 26.7%
Control: 15.8%
Uncharted 4 (easiest difficulty): 38.7%
Uncharted 4 (moderate difficulty): 27.3%

I would say, based upon that limited selection, that the Dark Souls games fit quite snuggly amongst the statistics.

CrimsonWing69114d ago

Yea I’ve always looked at the trophy percentage for finishing games and noticed they’re pretty low. It almost feels like they’re not accurate with them being really low at times.

EvertonFC114d ago

Source I'd say 1 in 20 do tbh. Just look at trophies and achievements and it's embarrassing.
Astro bot on ps5 has abysmal trophy completion, infact most haven't even tried it even though it's free and gives you a taste of the Duel sense.

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Father__Merrin114d ago

Hope it doesn't have infuriating bosses like in dark souls 3

Vanfernal114d ago

It's a Miyazaki game..
There will be infuriating bosses...

Crows90114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Good luck

That's like hoping it's not a souls game.
I personally found dark souls 3 bosses some of the easiest...but then again by then I had beaten quite a few souls games.

Father__Merrin114d ago

Pontif Sylivn and two Princes boss battles all il say is thank god for summon sign coop


Magic looks OP and being in a open world with lots of space to spam "soul arrow" will make it way to easy. I've been watching alot of gameplay and as a souls vet I just don't see the challenge. Don't get me wrong I love what I see (besides the apparent easier difficulty) but I just don't think Elden ring will compare to the Souls games in regards to challenge.

Samonuske114d ago

What about for Melee builds?


Melee builds always have a harder time. If you want a challenge I'd suggest going that route.

anast113d ago

Don't level up and use melee.

114d ago
dmonee114d ago

My hope is that the difficulty is as hard as you want it to be. For example, to get the best items, and the best experience, you’ll need to get passed the most challenging parts of the game. To finish it but still get a satisfying experience, you can push through the main story lines. I feel if the game is too difficult, it will ruin an open world experience.

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