The eject button held all the power on the original Xbox

The most important button on the original Xbox wasn’t the power button: it was the button to eject the disc tray.

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TheEnigma313108d ago

The OG xbox had a strong disc eject

Knightofelemia108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Not really they have drive belt issues people resorted to giving a love tap on the top of the Xbox where the disc drive is located to get the disc drive to pop open.

TheEnigma313108d ago

isolated problem. for me, that disc drive had some force and i had 2 different consoles.

marioJP87107d ago

You could hear that baby from the next room. I miss this Xbox crazily.

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darthv72108d ago

I only ever used the power button to turn the system off. I always used eject to power it up as usually I was wanting to pop in a game disc and play. Why wait for the system to turn on before putting a disc in... just do it at the same time. I'd do the same with with the 360, press the eject button to open the tray and as it was power up, put the disc in and away we go.

Orchard108d ago

I used to do the exact same, plus the old trays weren't the fastest to open and close - much prefer the slot loaders we have today (plus we use disks less).

When I was working on 360 devkits, we would use the eject button all the time to exit the app and get back to the dev dashboard quickly since it was the fastest way if you didn't have a debugger attached (e.g. when running many kits for multiplayer) - it even worked without a disk in the drive. The drives would die pretty darn quick when they were being opened and closed 50-100 times a day.

Fortunately, the drives were kinda useless anyway, since you'd normally use a test kit if you had burnt a disk, but it was a funny 'hack' none the less.

RedDevils108d ago

I do that with my old PS2, just press the eject button to power it on while changing the disc at the same time.

Gamer79108d ago

I still remember the controller wire having the breaker to stop the console getting broken if you tripped on the wire.

brewin107d ago

Absolutely, The breakaway cord was a revelation! I had my first child the same year Xbox came out. Once she started running around, this literally became a life saver. The only thing that sucked was if you lost the end piece.

AuraAbjure108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

My disc eject finally stopped working after like 9 years. Good times.

Popsicle107d ago

I had the opposite. On one of my two OG Xbox’s, the power button quit working but the eject button works just fine. I am happy it was the power button instead of the eject given it still powers on.

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