After 50 years, Sega arcades are officially set to disappear from Japan

Sega Sammy announced on Friday that it would sell the remaining 14.9% of its Sega Entertainment division, which runs its game centres across Japan, to rental business Genda Inc.

Genda first purchased 85.1% of Sega Entertainment’s shares back in 2020.

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Knightofelemia115d ago

God I miss the arcades would skip certain classes just to play Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 2, TMNT, MoonWalker, Willow.

MrChow666114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

I remember skipping class to play Metal Slug at the arcades, I was able to reach the final level with 1 coin. I miss the arcades too

Michiel1989114d ago

thats how i discovered metal slug as well, unfortunately there werent many arcades in the Netherlands, so i could only play it when i visited my uncle. There is a new tactics metal slug coming if you're interested in those type of games. Im kinda hyped for it

MrChow666114d ago

Thanks for the info mate, I will check it out 🙂

EvertonFC114d ago

I got the slipper off my dad across the backside everytime the fun fair turned up, it was worth the smell of candy floss, girls at the waltzers and double dragon, operation wolf, super sprint, Daley Thomson decathlon, pitfighter, sega rally , ghouls and ghosts etc 😄

Father__Merrin115d ago

80's and 90's were the arcade hayday I'm glad I was part of that absolutely brilliant memories. But as consoles and computing got better specifically PS1 onwards the need to take a trip down to arcades dwindled

EvertonFC114d ago

Skegness UK arcades had some of the best arcades. For some like me holidays to the seaside once a year was to play arcades and nothing about family time lol.

Father__Merrin114d ago

I usually tell my kids when I was 15 and we all went to Blackpool my parents gave me she's loads of coins and I was more than happy to sift about in arcades.

Street fighter, kof, all the item shumps and going back further to 80's taxi ranks & takeaways Kung Fu master ghost goblins rygar chase hq lol

Taero112d ago

Nah man Scarborough sea front is where it was at.

2moda5gamer114d ago

Sega has been a mainstay in Japan for decades so it'll be sad to see a trusted nostalgic name go. Will clarify the title is misleading - the arcades will be rebranded, but are likely to remain fairly the same otherwise.
Makes me wonder what the new Yakuza games will do though.

DarXyde114d ago

This is pretty disheartening. The Sega arcade in Akihabara near the Skyliner stop was literally my first destination the first time I visited Tokyo. One of the last times I went in 2019, they were playing the clinic music in Persona 5 and the whole experience was just legendary.

End of an era.

EvertonFC114d ago

Sounds like a awesome memory buddy

H9114d ago

Yakuza fans are in mourning right now

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The story is too old to be commented.