Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is Worth Every Penny

One of the greatest franchises is back. Consisting of A Thief's End and A Lost Legacy, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is an absolute must for fans of cinematic action games. Want a glimpse of how this looks on the PS5? Well, check out the footage right here!

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SullysCigar604d ago

It's gorgeous. Big bonus for me is that I just have the PS4 disk for U4, so I'll be getting The Lost Legacy thrown in when I upgrade for PS5.

Looking forward to the DualSense too, especially those triggers.

darkrider604d ago

Nice. If you can try the 120 frames performance +. It's crazy fast

Dirty_Lemons604d ago

Sam's her Sully. Nice upgrades too. £10 is a good deal if you don't have one of the games.

UnSelf604d ago

Yet you can’t upgrade for $10 if you have the ps+ version. Smfh.

darthv72604d ago

I guess that makes sense, since you dont really own + games.

FlavorLav01604d ago (Edited 604d ago )

And it was a given copy to you with PS+. You obviously never actually supported either game when they came out or the upgrade would be $10 for you. Why now gripe about a game not being cheap enough that you didn’t support to begin with?…Smfh

UnSelf604d ago

So paying a yearly subscription fee isn’t a form of support huh? No one asked anyone to give away any game for free. I had ps+ since before they gave away free games. Loved it then. Now I just want to upgrade my Uncharted experience like everyone else since I have the game.

MrBeatdown603d ago

I guess if you can't afford a used copy of a six year old game, this could be a problem.


"I had ps+ since before they gave away free games."

Uhhh, games were the only thing PS+ offered for the first few years, buddy.

Extermin8or3_603d ago

"I had ps plus since before they gave away free games" hmm I've had ps plus literally since it originally launched and it's always given away free games... so that would be very hard.

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MetroidFREAK21604d ago

Never played these games, so I definitely had no issue buying the native PS5 disc

Profchaos604d ago

Just a thought but you can pick up a pre-owned copy for under $10 and upgrade that why buy the native just to have the cover art?

IanTH604d ago

Some people like having specific versions, as well as having "archival quality" versions. That is, a disc that is a complete package with any DLC & patches included on-disc. Nothing says this won't also get patched, of course, but all the big stuff was taken care of back in the PS4 days, so it's likely any patching at this point will be very minimal.

MetroidFREAK21603d ago (Edited 603d ago )

Because for my PS5, since I got the disc version, I'm trying to avoid as much digital games as possible for the system. I like having physical copies of games for PlayStation and Switch. I get that the upgrade would've been the better cost saving measure, but I like having the native disc. I also traded in Far Cry 6 and the PS5 version of Maneater and had a $15 off coupon at GameStop. Got the PS5 collection for literally $1.99

andy85603d ago

For some buying and reselling will end up costing less than the 10+ the copy of UC4

BehindTheRows604d ago

Of course it is, despite folks claiming otherwise (such as nonsensically comparing it to games like Metro: Exodus Enhanced Edition).

IanTH604d ago (Edited 604d ago )

What's nonsensical about that? I mean, games like M:E and FFVII Remake gave free upgrades in not only resolution and framerate, but also graphical enhancements as well. M:E is closer to Spiderman Remastered (which was a whole other clusterfugg). U:LoT has barely any graphical changes & some DualSense integration (in addition to the fps/res boost), but they want $10 for it. It isn't a particularly flattering comparison.

I paid the $10 because it is worth it to me, but let's not bury our head in the sand here. There are plenty of examples of basically fps & resolution boosts being free. It's a built-in feature on PC, not to mention MS offering it up for Series console owners. But even Sony itself has given at least free res/fps boosts to many of their older titles. If they released a 60fps patch for free & wanted to charge for this, fine, go for it. Looks cheap, but the fact is most people are paying the upgrade fee for the improved framerate above all else.

No one is asking devs to work for free, either. We're asking Sony, a multi-BILLION dollar company to just make a little less money than they otherwise would by giving the basic features cost-free to those that already own the game like others in the industry have already done. As a cost of business. As a nicety. I don't think that's an unreasonable thing to ask.

BehindTheRows604d ago (Edited 604d ago )

I was talking about the claim that Metro had "a lot more" enhancements than this (among a few other silly comparisons I've seen next to this). Metro does not. It has key enhancements, yes, but so does this.

The folks griping about the price aren't my issue. I think it's worth every penny, but get why folks would complain about the $10.

Binarycode604d ago

Metro isn't a AAA title. It's graphics over gameplay. Nothing exciting in it at all. Just a guy with a drone of a voice putting you too sleep.

They need to sort out gameplay first.

But UC4 is free anyway. But if you have the game i'm sure it's pretty good at 60fps.

Both are very good games though.

senorfartcushion604d ago (Edited 604d ago )

You’re correct. The 30 year-old teenagers won’t agree but they’re too useless in life to matter.

Extermin8or3_603d ago

It's rather simple. Metro:exodus sold OK, it having a free upgrade near beginning of this gen a year and a half ago now- made it more attractive to new console owners and perhaps boosted sales meaning it pays for itself. Meanwhile uncharted 4 and lost legacy both sold loads. Almost anyone who was going to buy it already has and then loads more have it via ps plus and played it through and aren't going to buy it just for an upgrade like this. Thus to make up for the cost of the dev time to produce this there is no choice but to charge for it. It is simple business.

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Magog604d ago (Edited 604d ago )

It's idiotic of people to think devs should work for free. They spent time, money and energy improving the game to take advantage of PS5's capabilities. Do you work your job for free? If not don't expect others to do the same. It's insulting.

Orchard604d ago (Edited 604d ago )

"It's idiotic of people to think devs should work for free."

But they aren't... they were paid a salary by Sony, just like they were for the free TLOU2 update.

Making a free upgrade doesn't suddenly mean devs arent paid... (especially at a huge company like Sony). Most games that have upgrades are free upgrades... the 6 figure earning devs aren't going hungry because we got a small upgrade for free for a 6 year old game.

Plus they will make tons of cash from the $50 PS5 sales and upcoming PC sales.

IanTH604d ago (Edited 604d ago )

Well said. It's like the concept of "cost of business" is lost on some people. You do certain things as niceties, and to stay competitive within your industry.

And as you said, Sony will STILL make money on this from those that never owned the games before, it would just mean the multi-billion dollar company would get a *little* less money by providing a courtesy upgrade to those that already own it.

GamingSinceForever604d ago

I typically don't get into these silly debates, however didn't Sony give UC4 away to PS5 members who have PS Plus?

Ok so now they want to charge $10 for an upgrade, plus give you the DLC free if you didn't already own it.

You can't expect everything for free?

Orchard604d ago (Edited 604d ago )

@GamingSinceForever They did give it away with PS+, but the PS5 $10 upgrade is not available to those who got the game via PS+

"PlayStation Plus members who claimed UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End via their PlayStation Plus subscription are not eligible for the digital PS5 upgrade."

So it's a $50 purchase of a game you already got for paying a subscription.

Extermin8or3_603d ago (Edited 603d ago )

Almost everyone that was going to buy these games already did there is almost no none to be made selling this full price. So to recoup fev costs on a game that was a bestselling title and sold really well you have no choicebut to charge an upgrade. Coukd be worse pretty sure the gtav remaster has no upgrade path just expects you to repurchase it again for 70 quid.

@orchard you paid the subscription fee for online primarily and secondly for the many titles they give away for free. However end of the day you didn't own that title and there is zero obligation on there paett to behave as if you do. Essentially the game was a freebie as a bonus and still is. If you actually want to own the game go buy it. ( I mean I bet used copies can be picked up for like a fiver and then upgraded..)

Magog603d ago

Why should Sony collectively be paid nothing for the efforts of their employees? When you bought the game on PS4 you got exactly what was promised. They are now kind enough to let you upgraded to a next Gen version for just $10 and people are crying. The 500 games for $1 for 3 months tactic has devalued gaming for lots of people and you can see it in their responses. Microsoft can afford to take massive loses like that because gaming is a minor part of their income. Sony actually has to make money from the time and effort their devs put into games. They are playing by different rules.

Chevalier603d ago

Weird I thought getting 20 games automatically for PS5 was pretty nice. What 20 games did Xbox give? Did the Switch also give 20 games too? Plus free games like Horizon during the Pandemic too? Sony has give more free games than the other 2 competitors.

Orchard603d ago (Edited 603d ago )

@Chevalier “ I thought getting 20 games automatically for PS5 was pretty nice.”

No one got 20 games “automatically”, you’re trying to make it sound like the console came bundled with 20 games - we got them for being a paid subscriber, same way that games aren’t free with GamePass. We paid, just indirectly - and they will be inaccessible if we stop subscribing - by your logic, Microsoft gave everyone hundreds of games with their XSX because you can subscribe to GamePass.

And really, it was only useful to people who were new to PlayStation - if you play on PS4 and had not played those games then I don’t know what you were doing.

Anyway, the article isn’t about PS collection, it’s about UC - and competitors are giving away upgrades for free, while we are paying $10 or $50 if you got it via PS+ (I believe Xbox also lets you upgrade GWG games for free? But I could be wrong).

Past behavior doesn’t somehow make it okay to gouge customers.

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Gamer75604d ago

Who said that they should work for free?