An interview with FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazki

The Souls creator discusses open world design, accessibility, It Takes Two, and more.

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Magog110d ago

Funny how few games most of these creators actually play

H9110d ago

Their schedules are far too busy, in the edge magazine interview he mentioned that for the last few months he only goes home to shower because there's no bathroom in his office

Magog110d ago

Well take an extra year to make the game and life like a human being

Magog110d ago

*live like a human being.

H9110d ago

@magog a lot of Japanese creators would rather live that type of life with occasional vacation than taking their time making a single product, even tho delayed titles have become a thing for Japanese games, it is still a minority

GamingSinceForever110d ago

I’m sure he has made more than enough money to retire and live good. He works that hard because it is his life. The life he chose. Understand that it may not work for you, but to him it is fine.

Magog109d ago

And all the people that work there under him, do you think they are thrilled to work those hours as well or is it their only choice if they wish to stay employed in video games in Japan? Crunch culture is toxic.

onisama109d ago

Like Mgog said maybe its his choice but I'm sure his not doing that without his team.... And if thats right they would be suffering.. I'm sure you heard about thw overwork culture in japan and how it causes lots of death and suicides in japan they work like machines

GamingSinceForever109d ago

@Magog @ Onisama....The best thing that you can do to help is boycott the game. Do not support the culture by buying their product. If you are this concerned it is the best choice you two can make.

Magog109d ago

No. I'll buy it a year late to show them that they don't have to rush. I bet his family doesn't appreciate his work/life balance either.