With Sonic Frontiers, Sega is "focused on bringing Sonic to the next level"

Big in 2022: Sonic Frontiers will leverage PS5 and Xbox Series X for a "high-fidelity, high-speed, and high energy" experience.

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Metabeard108d ago

I still feel like sonic boom on the Wii U was the best 3D sonic game. The glitches and bugs ruined it but if that game had been polished it could have drove sonic in a great new 3D direction. This game imo has way to much realism. Who knows what that really means though. Could turn out to be a great thing but from what I have seen I feel I am still waiting to get what they are going for besides huge empty fields for sonic to run in. Even after reading this article.

isarai108d ago

Well you are certainly in the minority on all of that, glad you got some joy out of it tho. However fans have been wanting open world or at least large open levels for a VERY VERY long time, so much so they have created dozens of fan games doing just that, and honestly it works. If you want to see what to expect i'd imagine they are following the example their fans have set with the likes of the sonic infinity engine, sonic roboblast 2 or even defunct

-Hermit-108d ago

Funny, because I thought it was the worst, and I'm including 06 in that.

KingofBandits108d ago

Sonic Boom the song is amazing. Sonic Boom the game/Show was straight up trash

Zeref108d ago

Lowkey optimistic about this

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Bigman4k108d ago

Thats cool just make sure you do justice to this new sonic game

SDuck108d ago

Hope the title is right, I'm growing tired of playing Green Hill zone over and over! /s

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