Review: Strange Horticulture - Hardcore Gamer

Strange Horticulture is a true hidden gem and a pleasant surprise to start the year on, a delightfully quirky and charming puzzle game that puts a unique spin on botany and requires you to develop a green thumb in order to succeed, largely thanks to puzzle design that truly excels in creating simple yet challenging orders. Backed up by an intriguing world that allows for a lot of interesting lore behind each plant and a relaxing atmosphere, this is something fans of puzzlers should check out.

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Strange Horticulture (XS) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "Regardless of platform, there's no difficulty in appreciating Strange Horticulture's oddball personality. Its peculiar combination of puzzle design with plants suggests anyone's interest would quickly wither, yet Bad Viking's blueprint does a great job of emulating and branching off of Papers, Please and similar work games. With an entrancing atmosphere and world-building to boot, it's easy to appreciate this unique tempo. Although currently lacking the best control scheme (mouse & keyboard) may compel some to get the Xbox version at a later thyme, it remains an evergreen puzzler for start to finish."

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Strange Horticulture Review | TheXboxHub

Review - There is a charm to Strange Horticulture, with the occult themes and downtempo music, but only if you can stick it out long enough.

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Strange Horticulture Review — The Gamer's Lounge

Years ago, if you said ‘strange horticulture” people would assume your big brother had a secret plant room in the basement where he grew ahem…. “Tomatoes.” But today we look at a game full of actually strange horticulture located in the equally strange city of Undermere. So if you like puzzles, plants and demons run amok, join us for a look at Bad Viking’s fantasy puzzler Strange Horticulture.

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