Nintendo Switch: An Endgame Decades In the Making

The Nintendo Switch isn’t a home console, it’s not even a hybrid console. In fact, back in October of 2016 Nintendo announced their leaving of the home console market to thunderous applause. That applause came not for their leaving the market, but instead the fashion in which they left.

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IanTH115d ago

"As Valve readies the Steam Deck for launch later this year, history only allows us to wonder how long, as opposed to if, the new PC-like hardware will be able to survive against Nintendo’s onslaught."

WHY do people think this thing is competing with Switch!? It is insane to me. It might take a little market away from it, mainly from PC players who no longer have to double dip on older games or indies, but it is primarily a companion device. This isn't Sony going after the same market, this is Valve trying to expand its PC audience & provide value to those who are already in its ecosystem.

Taz X14115d ago

While I agree with you somewhat in the sense that the steam deck is not (and more so cannot) competing for those that NEED or CRAVE that Nintendo experience. However, that being said, it is throwing its hat into the ring and really shaking up the marketplace for handheld gaming quite a bit. I really hope Nintendo takes notice because they really coasted on people double dipping on WiiU ports and ports all around this gen. This time, should Nintendo decide to put out another handheld (of which I understand is only somewhat of what the Switch offers), they'll be competing with a machine that people potentially already have decades worth of games invested into. It makes it a direct competitor to those who buy one console and one handheld. Not only have they got a build that competes with what is on offer by Nintendo now, but also a variation that may potentially rival whatever Nintendo's next gen version of the switch may be (then again, they may innovate and change it up completely, you never really know with Nintendo).

IanTH115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

There's certainly no denying that Valve could try to go for that level of competition should they choose to, but that's seemingly not the plan - at least not yet. They are doing a small rollout of units, countable more in the tens of thousands rather than millions. There hasn't been a big marketing push. They have units that cost as much as a PS5/XSX. They are playing this very slow and cautious.

It is perfect for someone like me. A primarily PC gamer who hasn't enjoyed too much of what Nintendo has had in terms of exclusives & slowly turned their Switch into a portable indie machine. I know that's a pretty small niche, even if it is somewhat higher here on N4G than the wider world, so you can't really count on that audience to have a huge overlap with would-be Switch owners (or those willing to spend another $300+ on another handheld to replace their Switch, in any event).

But really, I don't think the survival of the Steam Deck will primarily be down to "Nintendo's onslaught". The threat is much more Valve getting bored and moving on after modest sales, much like the majority of their past hardware efforts lol.

--Onilink--115d ago

Honestly, with the kind of prices the Steam Deck has, especially considering that the viable options start with the $529 model, plus the fact that its guaranteed to be in much lower supply than the Switch and therefore scalped to hell…. It is not going to shake up any market.

Its mostly a companion device for people who are probably already invested in the PC space and I doubt it will move that many units in this version.

Maybe if by the time Valve releases a 2.0 version (assuming that they do) the supply issues are not that prevalent and they get even more aggressive with the pricing (and I dont even think its badly priced right now based on the components/performance), then we could see a product that can make a dent in the handheld market

darkrider115d ago

Because it's portable like the switch. The main diference from Nintendo to the other consoles is the fact that's portable. You can play anywhere. It's not about cutting edge graphics or mp games or anything like that. You can play Nintendo games anywhere.

Yui_Suzumiya115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Well I'm interested in the Steam Deck primarily to play all the visual novels I can't get for the Switch, lol. Also having access to 18+ versions of visual novels as well from the Denpasoft website. So yeah, it would be a companion to my OLED Switch.

DeusFever114d ago

“WHY do people think this thing is competing with Switch!?”

Because if you want to play games on a portable handheld, and you’ve decided that your existing phone or tablet is insufficient, then the the Switch and Steam Deck are your only choices. What you are talking about is marketshare. Many PC players are already chose the Switch. If Valve wants to own the handheld space (ignoring the dominance of phones and tablets), they need to win back marketshare from Nintendo.

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iplay1up2115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Switch has exclusives that NEVER legally are released anywhere else. I have been gaming more in handheld mode since I picked up the OLED Switch. I still prefer to play on a big screen. People comparing Steam Deck to Switch, are not legally playing Nintendo exclusives.

It won't happen now, but I wish Nintendo would release a Super powerful console, and Switch 2. With all games releasing on both systems. The stand alone console for dedicated gamers. The Switch 2 for people who prefer both handheld and TV. They could also add a handheld only version.

There would be multiple options, with the same 1st party games. Never going to happen. I hope Switch 2 is at least as powerful as X1X. It probably won't be.

Magog114d ago

I don't think the emulator crowd cares if their games are legal or not.

Magog114d ago

It's more like after the absolute failure of the Wii U Nintendo changed directions and gave up on making a pure home console instead making a handheld gaming device that could also optionally connect to your TV. The later release of the Switch Lite without that capability shows that to Nintendo home console gaming is an afterthought.

NotoriousWhiz114d ago

Alternatively, it's a home console that can "optionally" be played in your hands. Feature wise, it's got everything you would expect from a home console: 4 player couch co-op being the biggest one. While also having everything you would expect from a handheld. So, yes it is a home console and also a handheld. Which is why it's referred to as a hybrid.

Magog114d ago

If they had released it as a home console only it would have failed as badly or worse than the Wii U. It doesn't have home console features such as real support for 4K TVs everyone has these days and almost zero support from big third party multiplatform releases. It's a "take this and shut up, kid" handheld parents buy for their children so they can keep them occupied for a few minutes.

NotoriousWhiz114d ago

Nintendo hasn't released a home console that supported the latest technology since the GameCube. The Wii and Wii U both lacked AAA support from third parties.

Yes, the Switch is doing very well because people can play it however they want to play it.

Magog114d ago

And they suffered for it. Switch is doing well because Nintendo doesn't have any competition in the handheld space.

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