Def Jam: Icon demo ain't what's hot on the streets, playa

From : -- "Beyond the aesthetically pleasing environments is little more than a clunky, stand-up fighter that makes War Gods look like Virtua Fighter. Harking back to the early days of the 3D fighter, Icon is like watching two well-fed hobos fighting over some booze and then something explodes. Even the fighters themselves can't keep pace with the hectic, ever changing world around them. With such a lack of moves to perform, it's not like there's anything to hold them back. Like the era of fighting games it resonates, Icon is something we'd rather forget."

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Audiggity4894d ago

I was just jumping on the site this morning specifically to trash Def Jam Icon. The first game was a blast! Me and my friends played it for hours, non-stop... this newer version is a pile of trash. The demo has already been deleted.

Come on EA - use your imaginations to create NEW franchises, don't break things that aren't broken. 'Fight Night: Round 4 *** With Turntable Rewind'

Syko4894d ago

Elecrtronic A$$holes! They need to dissapear. Hell I would play E.T. on the Atari before I played a game by them!

PS360PCROCKS4894d ago

wow atleast I'm not the only one I never played the first game but I decided to try this out and I thought it was a joke from EA, it's soo lame, it's not even fun, and they don't even tell you how to play until AFTER you just played and than it hardly says anything. Fuc* you EA!

RealDoubleJ4894d ago

AKI are responsible for the best fighting engine bar none. The original Def Jam game used it & that's why it was as fun! The biggest ball dropper for this new mediocre game isn't the fact it's a clunker, it's that the controls have been horribly mapped & there doesn't seem to be a way (at least not in the demo) to end the fight! Incredibly dissapointing...

FKN Unbelievable4894d ago

Aki used it for fight for NY and that game was better than Vendatta by far. Once they got rid of AKI i knew this sh1t was a wrap.

Pure Trash.

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The story is too old to be commented.