Gran Turismo 7 - Find Your Line Trailer | PS5, PS4

New Gran Turismo 7 trailer posted January 27th!

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purple101113d ago

A LITTLE HELP HERE PLEASE MAXIMUS, i have no idea what im doing just found new trailer on youtube, not sure how to embed. (although, i tried)

Nyxus113d ago

Go to the video, press share, there you see an embed option, copy the code and paste it into the video box on N4G.

purple101113d ago

Thanks for trying. I did do that. And it wouldn't take it. Said invalid web address. So used the 'copy link address'

darthv72113d ago

Man this looks so good. And I really need to invest in a good set of headphones. I want to experience that 3d audio.

Flawlessmic113d ago

Get the pulse headsets darth, they are great for the price point and obvioslky work seamlessly with the ps5

Destiny1080113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

the pulse headset has amazing sound, surprisingly crisp, and surprisingly clear, the only problem is the default setup is lacking in a bit of base, so you have to head to the settings and increase the bass by a notch or two, i do have to say the buttons for controlling the sound on the headphones, could not have been any worse, a blind squirrel could have done a better job, i rarely change the sound so its not much of a problem

it needed a scroll wheel to up and down the volume, one where you can set the range of the volume in the settings, not some little button that you cant find
it also needs an actual proper on and off button, not that little slide button
id also like a detachable mic, when the mic is straight up its muted and when you pull it down its on, when its detached its off

sony got one thing right, and that's the sound is amazing, but if your willing to pay more, for better functionality i would go with something else

kayoss112d ago

I second this. I have this and i play Destiny 2 a lot. I can literally hear the footsteps coming towards me when i play.

Neonridr112d ago

any good headset out there can do exactly what the Pulse can do. Don't listen to any marketing gimmicks.

BlackDoomAx112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

And you get downvoted, lol. And of course you're right ;)

Neonridr112d ago

@BlackDoomAx - I even own a pair of the pulse headsets. All I was saying was that any of the better brand headsets can do the 3D audio as well. I get downvoted because of my name. I could say that water is wet and get more downvotes than up, lol.

oh well, it is what it is.

CR7JUVE1897112d ago

The pulse headphones are really good, and now readily available. But you may find something comparable that is a little cheaper.

darthv72112d ago

I found a set of pulse on offerup for $50. Missing the usb dongle but i think you only need that if plugging into a PC. So it should work by themselves with a PS5.

Neonridr112d ago

@darthv72 - no, you need to plug the dongle in on the PS5 as well.

CR7JUVE1897112d ago

@Darth, that's probably why it is only 50.00......................... ...........

darthv72112d ago

^^wow... really? Strange Sony would require a bt dongle for their own headset on their own system. Well okay then... I will skip those and move onto another set I found for $70 that includes the dongle. Thanks guys.

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ScootaKuH113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Looking good! Looking forward to getting my hands on it in March

ScootaKuH111d ago

Who knows? It hasn't gone gold yet so plenty of time for more delays. It wouldn't be GT without a delay or 50 though

Tacoboto113d ago

Apparently it was said by the director in a Japanese interview that there are no plans at launch for a 120hz mode. That would be so exciting to play if they end up building it in later.

It's been since PS2 since I've got a GT, sim racers aren't a preference of mine. Haven't even bought a Forza Motorsport. But I really want to feel this on DualSense. The thought of a future VR mode too... goodness

andy85113d ago

Tbh for a track racer where you're not panning the screen does it really need it? I'd so much rather have the visual features and lower frame rate.

Kurt Russell112d ago

GT is a sim at it's heart, but generally accessible with loads of good tutorials, modes and driver aids that allow you to learn at your own pace. I would be surprised if this is any different.

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