Square Enix Hosting A Broadcast For Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary

Square Enix is hosting a massive Final Fantasy 7 broadcast on January 31, 2022 to celebrate the game's 25th anniversary with fans.

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Lionsguard109d ago

They better show something for part 2..

Stanjara109d ago

Increasing prices and NFTs lets gooo!

Gardenia109d ago

I hope they announce a FF7 remake were they don't fuck up the story and leave crucial bits out.

TricksterArrow109d ago

They did, it's called FF7 Ever Crisis.

Gardenia109d ago

Yeah, I'm looking forward to that one.

Lionsguard109d ago

What exactly that was crucial that they left out? If anything they were guilty of was that they added too much extra stuff..

Cid33109d ago

A cyborg teenager with vr-glasses that makes god tier materia in the midgar getto is one thing that ruins the entire worlds lore about what materia is and how life stream works. funny how in the yuffie dlc shinra are trying to make those materias but cant.. also turning sepiroth in to a stalker lurking behind every corner is just... ah and the time travler ghost yes those... what crucial things indeed

Lionsguard109d ago

@Cid33 Uhhhhh..........That's exactly the point of what I just said.. They tacked on extra things not "left out crucial bits".

CrimsonWing69109d ago

All I want is to see a trailer for FF16 and a trailer for FF7 Remake Part 2. They do that and I’ll be set for another year of waiting.

nommers109d ago

Looking at the thumbnail of the video here there’s probably going to be talk of first soldier. Don’t get your hopes up until afterwards. Then if something on part 2 does show then “please be excited”.

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