A glimpse at Horizon Forbidden West PS4 gameplay

Guerrilla celebrates the game going gold with a first look at gameplay on the PS4 Pro console.

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Magog120d ago

Looks good but definitely last gen. Amazing how many PS5 improvements there are. Guerilla have really squeezed the PS5 for all its worth. I've never seen such a beautiful and dynamic world brought to life in a video game! 😍

ClayRules2012120d ago

It definitely looks really fantastic and gorgeous on PS4 Pro, and I expect no different on the base PS4. I disagree. I don’t think it looks “Last Gen” in the video. The PS5 version has the “Hero Lighting” among other great visual improvements/greater detail doubt. PS5 will of course offer the best overall visual experience (although I know myself and some others aren’t a fan of that Hero Lighting so much in gameplay) however, had I not seen the “PS4 Pro” stamped in the video, I’d have assumed it was more PS5 footage (at first glance anyways) because of how really fantastic this game looks on a last gen console.

And I have to disagree Magog (respectfully) and say no way has Guerrilla squeezed the PS5 for all its worth. Not by a long shot.

Magog120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Well given how in the first paragraph you admit you have no eye for detail what you say in your second paragraph doesn't carry much weight. There are clearly huge cutbacks in resolution, draw distance, texture quality, polygon count, lighting, alpha effects, and particle effects between ps4 pro and PS5. No doubt it will also run at half the frame rate as well.

nevin1120d ago

"no way has Guerrilla squeezed the PS5 for all its worth. Not by a long shot."

Pretty sure he meant PS4.

Flewid638120d ago

Framerate will be the only difference that you can notice. Anything else is for monitor users who enjoy pixels instead of experiences.

Magog120d ago

@nevin1 I meant the PS5. Go back and watch the PS5 videos and you will see this is not some lazy cross Gen port. The PS5 is being utilized to its fullest. This game is even better looking than stunners like Demon's Souls and Rift Apart.

TheKingKratos120d ago


"There are clearly huge cutbacks in resolution, draw distance, texture quality, polygon count, lighting, alpha effects, and particle effects between ps4 pro and PS5"

Well prove it then that difference that make ps4 pro version look "last gen" .... Because as far as i can tell you there is hardly any visible difference other than the higher fps between the pro and ps5
Both are 4k too

WillyC009120d ago

Lol speaking of someone who doesn’t have an eye for detail. Enter Magog. The PS5 has not been ‘squeezed for all its worth’. That never happens early in a console generation. Comical statement.

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Lightning77120d ago

"Guerilla have really squeezed the PS5 for all its worth."

Impossible for a cross gen game. Unless you meant they did all they could on PS5 despite it being built on PS4 coding. I believe they're squeezing everything they could out of the PS4 while making it the best version possible on PS5.

iplay1up2120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

It is last gen, playing on a PS4.

jBlakeeper119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

The PS5 has most definitely not been squeezed for all it’s worth this early in the gen. It has always been and will be this time the final exclusives of a generation that squeeze the console for what it’s worth.

OptimusDK119d ago

It does not look last gen, but it definitely looks cross gen as it should - it is what it is. But i think the world and the gameplay will be first class as with the first one. So nothing wrong with this one - it is just not next gen yet.

CrimsonWing69119d ago

I mean you’re right. It looks on par with the first just with some cooler. tropical looking environments and the under water portions that look amazing, but nothing about it is screaming next-gen.

Aussiesummer119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Wow that was quick, clocked the systems capabilities on their first go. Guess we know what to expect for the next 7 years from their first cross gen game 🙄

Magog119d ago

I don't think you're getting me. The PS4 version looks last gen. The PS5 version looks better than any game ever made and by a wide margin.

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EvertonFC120d ago

Impressive tbh, wasn't expecting it too look that good on the pro

Flewid638120d ago

You've never seen The Last of US 2?

ClayRules2012120d ago

Hahaha. my eyes still are in disbelief at The Last of Us 2 still!

Graphically, that game still can pass for a “Next Gen” game, to me. And apart from Ratchet and Clank: Riff Apart (photo mode allowing you to zoom in on such rich detail, bugs that are fully modeled with such great detail, truly!) Last of Us 2 is currently still the most graphically stunning game I’ve played to date. All that darn game does and the little details. Insane, foliage and so on. And those incredible character models, I just can’t haha.

CobraKai120d ago

TLOU2, Horizon, and God of War, the PS4 has graphics that rivals some current gen games. Now when we see PS5 truly flex it’s muscle, I can only imagine what we’ll be seeing.

MajorLazer119d ago

The base PS4 still impresses me 🤭 Holding off on buying a PS5 for the time being because the PS4 is still good enough.

Levii_92120d ago

That’s what Jim Ryan says.. we don’t give a shit about the value of the ps5 🤷🏻‍♂️ he wants to sell at least another 50 mill ps4 consoles so we will probably see cross gen titles with the ps4 the whole generation 😂

S2Killinit120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Playstation always supports its consoles past the start of the next generation. Its what gives value to a Playstation and allows for a non-stop stream of high quality first party games. This has always been a positive thing, except now there is this new concept of “its holding back” which has never been an issue before. If it was true, then xbox series is in much worse shape because they have xbox one, one X, series S, holding back the series X.

Levii_92120d ago

@S2Killinit Yes they did always support it and that was always awesome and positive but not by putting your new first party games (the only thing that gives your brand the most value) on the previous generation holding the new one back and devaluing it. And why ? Just to make a bit more money.

S2Killinit120d ago

But they’ve always been doing that. You wont get this kind of game if they have to only sell to the newest generation. It wouldnt make financial sense.

Christopher120d ago

They want to sell 50m more PS4 consoles so they manufacture only 1m more?

CS7120d ago


Can you stop that BS narrative?

Was Uncharted and MGS 4 on the PS2?
Was MGS2, FFX and KH on the PS1?

This is the first time the Playstation’s biggest games are releasing cross-gen in year 2 of the console cycle.

First time ever.

And it’s ridiculous.

EvertonFC120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

This will be the last year 1st party wise

Christopher120d ago

***This is the first time the Playstation’s biggest games are releasing cross-gen in year 2 of the console cycle.***

There are a ton of factors as to why this doesn't happen, almost the entirety of it evolving to console games reaching closer to PC-level games and matching PC-level options in graphics and control. Let alone comparing the transition from 480i to 720p and then 1080p graphic levels that came with their respective platforms is off considering the last generation ended with 4k-capable consoles years before the current generation of current generation 4k consoles.

Things are not the same last or this generation as they were for any past console generation.

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Silly gameAr120d ago

I think people forgot how good games on PS4 can look, and they'll only look AND play better on PS5.

Tacoboto120d ago

Why on earth would they post that first Gif in that state? Aloy's hair is constantly clipping into her bow when she walks, they could've shown her holding it instead.

Doesn't take away from the gorgeous environments, but that is interesting for how good everything else looks, they couldn't address the main character's hair... that's on your screen 100% of the time

GhostofHorizon120d ago

We're not even close to being close to emulating hair to that degree on current machines. They make priorities and cuts based on what they feel is more important.

I'm guessing they didn't feel it was important to apease people that nitpick little details.

Tacoboto120d ago

I do front-end dev work (definitely not games). it's unfortunately built into me from the times QA tells me I'm a few pixels off of some mock-up that we aren't told even the font size for lol.

So I am fully aware of me being nitpicky on this. I also cannot wait for this game to drop

SurgicalMenace120d ago

It's crazy because there's not even a game on the SX that can match this. Sony is a marvel.

ClayRules2012120d ago

What’s your opinion on Hellblade 2 (if you’ve seen the gameplay footage) just genuinely curious. I think it looks absolutely fantastic, visually. But it still didn’t wow me like Horizon’s first showing did last year.

But I agree, SX has nothing that can match this so far, that we’ve seen anyways haha.

SurgicalMenace120d ago

Looking at Hellblade 2, I see several visual tricks used to place more focus on the character models. For instance, pay attention to how the spears don't have a realistic response to hitting the giant. The fire has no lasting effect once gameplay actually started. It was a running segment included in a cutscene. It's really giving me that Crackdown 3, Watchdogs energy.

Furthermore, for what Hellblade is, I'd hope it'd be able to increase its graphical fidelity. The 1st one was more walking than action, and the environments weren't opened for exploration. Ninja Theory is a pretty decent company, but a tech demo is what Hellblade 2 is, for now.

MightyHealthy119d ago

Clay i was just about to bring up Hellblade2.
This game reminds me of hellblade

MajorLazer119d ago

Hellblade looks amazing but given the first game, there'll be minimal gameplay at best.

ClayRules2012120d ago

I appreciate you explaining that, and your thoughts on it so far. Thank you!

I’ll go back and watch it again, only watched it once, but will give it another look again.

CobraKai120d ago

What the? An actual conversation that didn’t resort to name calling, and fanboyism? That’s what I’m talking about!!!

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