Horizon: Forbidden West has gone Gold

Some exciting news for you from Guerrila Games

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BigBosss121d ago

Elden Ring has gone gold and now this! Great year for video games! Pre ordered Dying Light 2, Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 :)

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Kurt Russell120d ago

Nice! I am buying 1 at a time myself, with the hope that a couple drop a few quid by the time I buy them.

zsquaresoff121d ago

Super, pre-ordered and ready to go to the Forbiden West.

BigBosss121d ago

I never had the chance to finish the first game. Do I need to finish it to play the second one?

brewin121d ago

Probably not, but hot damn you are missing out! You have time to play it to completion and it's definitely worth it. The Frozen Wilds is great too! Do it!

Greg2801121d ago

I think you should if you care about the story. If you don't care at al then it probably doesn't matter.

S2Killinit121d ago

Dont think you need to. At this point I would just read up on it and get ready for this installment.

zsquaresoff121d ago

I would suggest u do play the game to get the lore, gameplay and the story, or you could just watch a cutscene movie on YouTube. But do play the game, it's awesome.

Vizigoth04121d ago

I would only do it if you’re into video games at all.

bloop121d ago

There's story summary videos on YouTube, but if you have the time I'd definitely finish the first game before jumping into FW.

Omegasyde121d ago

I would. It explains why there are robot dinasaurs and why humans are living like cavemen.

ziggurcat120d ago

Probably not.

But it might give you a bit more insight if you have.

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SullysCigar121d ago

Almost here - I'm hyped af!

ClayRules2012121d ago

Sully! Have a Cigar my friend, and waste the time away until Horizon arrives lol. It’ll be here before you know it.

I’m glad your super excited for the game!!

ClayRules2012121d ago


LOL. Yes, Sully and his Cigar. He’s hyped for sure! Haha.

Magog121d ago

I can't wait to play this beautiful game! The PS5 has yet another jaw dropping showcase!

Tacoboto121d ago

Somehow I wasn't excited back when HZD launched. Maybe it was the Switch coming out so close to it, but I finally got it when it was $10 at Best Buy for a holiday sale/steal, Complete Edition.

Best $10 I've ever spent on a game, worth sooo much more and Frozen Wilds has seriously got to be like the best modern expansion to any game. Full on hype mode for this now, I might actually bite the $10-markup bullet and get the PS5 disc Day One.

Magog121d ago

Yeah, it's a shame so many people probably never played the frozen wilds DLC. It could have been released as a stand alone game for a small price and won awards.

SullysCigar121d ago

^ The Frozen Wilds is included in the PS5 Plus Collection, so anyone who hasn't played it owes it to themselves to add HZD to their library wherever possible.

For me, it's an even better expansion than The Witcher 3 got, which is high praise indeed.

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Donjune120d ago

No PS4 this time around???

S2Killinit121d ago

Not much longer. The wait is agonizing

ClayRules2012121d ago

Deep breaths, you’ll cross over into the FORBIDDEN WEST before you know it.

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