Rainbow Six Extraction Coughing Glitch

CG writes: As a follow-up from our previous article which looked at the game at launch, one week later with the game and we’re still playing Rainbow Six Extraction single player, lone-wolf, solo. Our operators have more abilities now, and we’ve unlocked most of the maps. We can safely say that although the game is somewhat repetitive by-design, it’s still quite enjoyable in smaller sessions. However, some of you might have encountered the dreaded Rainbow Six Extraction coughing glitch which sees your male or female operator continually cough until you extract from the mission. It’s quite funny but after a while you begin to wonder if your poor operator is going to make it past the current mission. In addition, it also makes you wonder why not all operators wear gas masks as standard all things considered. Those that do, seem to be ineffective so what's the point?

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Ashunderfire86117d ago

Someone got Covid from those Aliens. They are the source of the virus with new variants every year.

gamer9117d ago

Is this where gamers cough up money for the game and then regret it? Game Pass to the rescue, i tried it for 30 mins then deleted

REDGUM117d ago

That's quite funny. That said, the game looks quite good actually, I might have to give it a whirl sometime..

Jacob9283112d ago

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