Star Wars Fans Uncover Never Before Seen Gameplay of Canceled Boba Fett Game "1313"

Boba Fett "1313" may have been canceled but that hasn't stopped fans from unearthing some never-before-seen footage.

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Magog112d ago

Seems strange that Boba Fett would have to jump and shimmy his way around when he has a jet pack.

isarai112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Looks like this is before he gets a jetpack

Magog112d ago

Boba Fett without a jetpack is sarlac food. No wonder it got cancelled, lol.

just_looken112d ago

So many forget he started very young during clone wars he was 14? and if i am not mistaken like the other clones ages very slow.

Heck he saw darth vadrer pre vader ha ha

Lord_Sloth111d ago

And yet he clearly doesn't have it on in this video.

Godmars290111d ago

Not in that scene.

Though have to wonder how staged that was. If there was anyway to end the chase early.

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Dandizzle112d ago

This is another video of the game that includes the opening cutscene which explains more.

Disney is the reason this doesn't exist, this was in the middle of development when the purchase went through, halting all projects Lucas Arts had in the pipeline. It sucks, 1313 and another lesser known title Star Wars First Assault which was poised the the start of Battlefront 3 was canned. Sucks even more because First Assault was finished and just needed submission to publishers. Disney came in saw a FINISHED game and just threw it in the trash, and saw 1313 which was looking really cool and yeah it did have a jetpack it just wasn't fleshed out yet to demo before it was all canned.

Thanks Disney

Inverno112d ago

"Starwars fans uncover more feelings of disappointment over cancelled Boba Fett game"

This seems to be the standard now more than before. Cancel the good stuff, put out more shite.

adaminoregon112d ago

Bobba is a soft dad now. This game would have him pre-disney and we cant have that.

just_looken112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

So true disney is making starwars just like time warner with the dc milk cow

Ignore all the comics/books and just make woke karen/ blind sheep approved crap.

It still blows my mind in dc land batman cant have a girl on screen only in comics yet Damien and nightwings backstory is fine both of which include rape and or abortion.

0hMyGandhi112d ago

I kind of wish I didn't see videos like this because it makes me so mad that we'll never play the game. This game just seemed to be so well realized that it would absolutely done gangbusters upon release.
Sort of reminds me of the canceled "Prey 2" game, but in that instance, (thankfully) we got Arkane's Prey, and it ended up being one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played.

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