The Best Open World Games Of All Time

BossLevelGamer writes: "Open world games let you get completely devoured by your surroundings. Here are the best open world games of all time."

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got_dam113d ago

This is just a list of open world games in general. Unless you really count L.A. noir one of the best open world games.

porkChop113d ago

Wtf was that? It's just a huge list of open world games, it doesn't come across like a "best of" list at all. Multiple franchises got multiple entries, and yet the only GTA is V? This is trash.

phoenixwing113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

You're right. GTA v is trash. Also GTA IV is decent story wise.

philm87113d ago

Lol, how is GTA V trash?

fitofficial113d ago

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction for the PS2 was really, really good if you came here looking for something you might not be aware of.

P_Bomb113d ago

Tremendous call back. Still fun to this day.

sourOG112d ago

It is and it’s almost criminal this hasn’t been brought back. Maybe the Activision acquisition will get us a new prototype in the same style.

Petebloodyonion113d ago

Let's save some clicks
Your favorite since 2014 is probably there and even the one you don't like.
Actually they are all there (most of them)

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The story is too old to be commented.